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Crazy helpful, thank you

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @PipeAndSlippers said:
" why are the hit points so high? they should just make 1000 the most and scale back from there. "
I've always, always thought that.  But you must admit that it's satisfying when you see the numbers "99999" in red fly out of an enemy because you just landed a devastating critical hit. "
yeah, its like hyperinflation though, where milk costs a million dollars.
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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @artofwar420 said:

" @Lind_L_Taylor: But isn't it like its own thing? Sure it takes place in FF universe, but the story is totally on its own. "

Yes.  Every single main Final Fantasy game has had its own, singular story.  The only sequel in the main games has been FFX to FFX-2. "
Well I just finished the video & I'm really non-plussed.  I don't know what it is but I just can't muster up any interest in JRPGs, or most any Japanese games.  I dig their culture & their women, but their games do nothing for me.  I think back in the late 80s & the 90s they had something intriguing, but being older & playing the stuff that we have now, their games just seem stale & uninteresting to me.  I'll keep my eye on it.  If it's not impossible to get an S-rank, I might look into getting the game later on, but I'll have to force my way through it.
Otherwise none for me.  You know if they made it an Xbox 360 exclusive that might have at least perculated the fanboy in me to play the game. :) 
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what gianbomb should consist of: I love mondays, quicklooks, bombcasts, and ask me anything's! this is pure gold!

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@Lind_L_Taylor said:
"I think back in the late 80s & the 90s they had something intriguing, but being older & playing the stuff that we have now, their games just seem stale & uninteresting to me....... You know if they made it an Xbox 360 exclusive that might have at least perculated the fanboy in me to play the game. :)  "
First i want to congratulate a person who can admit fanboy system bias! Why not? if you own a $300 machine of course you want it to be best, and i will second it that if it was an exclusive, (xbox or ps3), it would have made me more interested to at least see what all the hubub was about for xbox paying big $$ to get it exclusive; or maybe what a ps3 focused RPG of that caliber and $$ could look like, (uncharted was so impressive), since its on both consoles for whatever reason I could give two hoots about it!
And like I loved the old Final Fantasy games back when i was a kid, (i bought FF1 day 1!!), and i feel bad not being excited anymore, but as you say something about the newer ones... well I can't speak for you, but the character design in this game to me is terrible. I don't think those characters are interesting to look at or look cool at all. Back in FF 1 you had the cool blue haired thief, the red haired warrior, those were characters i liked, but the whole androgynous-metro sexual-emo-spikey haired guys basically from 7 on up just dont grab me. I do like Dragon Quest design because its that cartoony Dragonball style, but FF lost me a while ago....
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great review.

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those are some nice looking characters

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Wedding ring is looking good Vinny!

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Looks SO Good!! The menu's are super slick. Also loving the character upgrade stuff.
Can't wait!!!

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Nice feature. But really I'm a fan of anything you guys do where you just sit around and talk.

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Not a fan of the animations much.

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Ask me anything's, keep them coming!!

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Man, this looks amazing. Can't wait for this shit now.

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That is a nice looking chocobo.

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This was a great segment because it allows them to just talk without having to play segments as well so they can have a bit more focus.
FFXIII looks a bit overwhelming although this has piqued my interest in it quite a bit.

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Game looks beautiful, love the AMA format - very informative! Another great video on giantbomb.com!

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Not to come off trollish, but am I the only one who could absolutely care less about FF anymore? :/

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I honestly miss the sphere grid.
Anyway, it sounds fine, it looks fine, I don't need it to play like some nostalgic leg hump.  
Tell me a story. That's what matters.

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I may have to pick that up, it looks like some good fun!

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Picking this up day one! Thanks for the amazing video!
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Vinny's packing some big guns there.

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Great to see a final fantasy related video with just gameplay even if its limited only to battles.  Is it weird that those menus raised my hype level for the game?

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I never want to hear the word paradigm again.
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wow over the top.  yeah that leveling up system in FFX gave me headaches.  how did i beat that game again?  oh yeah, gameshark. 
AMA i like.  welcome back brad
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@ZmillA said:
" I played FFVII, ask me anything. "
Which version should i get, PS3 or 360?
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Wow. Once again Giant Bomb proves why it's the best game site around. In the five years since FFXIII was first announced, nothing has done a better job at showing the game than this video.  
Also, this game looks friggin awesome. I was convinced that I would only be buying this game off the Final Fantasy name and the fact that I love XII, but seeing this certainly showed me the game's merits.

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@GEP said:
" Great to see a final fantasy related video with just gameplay even if its limited only to battles.  Is it weird that those menus raised my hype level for the game? "
No, dude! I went into this video expecting the game to continue looking like crap but the instant the menu popped up I was sold.  
Sorry for the double post. 
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Wow -now I'm hyped!

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So dumb they renamed the paradigms to these stupid names. What was wrong with keeping the original japanese names of attacker, blaster, healer, jammer, enhancer and defender?

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So when they switched from PS3 to 360 footage (presumably; the "comparison" screenshots Square put out earlier were bs, this might be too), it didn't switch back to PS3 footage did it?

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Cool idea for a video.  I hope to see more.

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@WaylonJennings: They're all independent of each other, so you've got nothing to worry about there.
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Great video but bad title. 
I've never played a Final Fantasy game and I didn't know XIII was the latest one.  I thought this was going to be a Q&A segment where some guy shows off his knowledge of Final Fantasy XIII trivia. 
Don't get me wrong.  The title works.  It attracted a lot of views, but maybe a more accurate title would be "Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII"?
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I still don't get it.....
But to be honest I kind of gave up on Final Fantasy a while ago.

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Looks gorgeous but seeing that combat mechanic makes me think if I really want to immerse myself into yet another FF game, particularly one as crazy looking as this.

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hm meh.
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Crazy Japanese.

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bravo sir.

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@WaylonJennings: No the [final fantasy] just means that it may have recurring elements ,characters or terms but they dont reuse the same main characters or have continuing stories.  This one aims to be more new comer friendly so I suggest you keep up with the coverage and decide if its something you want to try.
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Good to see brad back.

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After watching this video...I still totally gonna sink a bajillin hours into a Final Fantasy game XP

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The final Fantasy franchise is really showing it's age mechanically speaking. 
Great closer look at the game though. 

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. . . Nah.

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Honestly, looking over this thread, I kind of see a lot of "This looks great" but not a lot of reasons why that is. And I understand. That was my reaction too. But thinking about it, it kind of seems to me like the main reason there's enthusiasm here is because it's showing some minor move forward on FF battle system. Finally. I think people are overreacting to a pretty small number of changes to the design. This is essentially just the ATB system with faster refilling time bars and animations that knock your party out of standing shoulder to shoulder. We've been waiting for any progression from JRPGs for years, and now that they're giving us just a little bit people are sort of jumping all over it. It's great that they're moving forward, sure, but when is Japan going to offer us true customization and some really real time battle system. If they need a model, I think they need look no farther than Mass Effect. Seems to me that's a game that could pretty easily be re-skinned with their stupid anime style storytelling (Though I'm not saying Mass Effect had a bad story). In the meantime, I think we should keep in mind the fact that this game is pretty much openly announcing itself as a reboot of FFVII. Curb your enthusiasm appropriately.

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Video is broken at midpoint for me.

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This battle system is considered streamlined...   really?
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This looks so fucking sweet. Are all Final Fantasy games like this? Only ever played one when I was young... 
Everything is so streamlined it seems now, and I'm kinda thankful for only controlling one character. I like that. Also, Square Enix are gods at menus.