Posted by Jedted

I bet Jeffs got an insane gaming center at his house, hope we get to see that aswell.

Posted by crunchmonkey

I want a Pac-Man clock. eBay doesn't have any listed. :(

Posted by Radar

dont want to sound like a stalker with no life but...


Posted by elliottsmith001

awesome, nice place. i want to see jeff give a tour through his crib(z) next:)

Posted by pirate_republic

Awesome, pass this idea on to the rest of the Giant Bomb crew... I've always wondered what your guys' houses are like.

Good job Ryan.

Posted by Hoursofbs

kick ass

Posted by Haethos

we MUST see jeff's crib. it'd be cool to see brad's if he has any mementos of his epic ant genocide :)

Posted by patrick5152003

cool shit.

Posted by Mjolnir

 I like how the color schemes on the bobbleheads are reversed - red w/ grey stand & grey w/ red stand. Ryan, that is truly a living space to be proud of.

Posted by xDot

Awesome awesome.

Posted by Jotun

I have that exact same plastic Yoda toy sitting on my entertainment center. I have not the slightest idea as to where I got it.

Anyway, nice pad man.

Posted by MasterSwanny

Hellz yeah to the Dreamcast!

Best system ever...?

Yes. Yes it is.


Awesome!  Great idea Ryan.  GiantBomb is the best!

Posted by Aeterna

Ryan still has his dreamcast aswell. +1 man.

Posted by Dandy

time trotters!

Posted by Ossi

Sweet setup, but I fear the security of your games! It's like the first thing you see when you peer into the door!

Posted by link_dc

Your house contains nothing but excellence! This video contains nothing but your house (Outside shot is negligible) This video is therefore excellence exclamation mark!1

Posted by Moridin

Whip pan! Cool crib, Ryan.

Posted by Trnck

That's so kind of you making this video. I seriously love this.

Posted by dantebk

Man, I wish I had a cool idiosyncratic hobby like collecting black velvet paintings...

In my living room is a Robert Doisneau France kissing print (belonging to the girlfriend), a portrait of Kramer from Seinfeld, and a Punch-Out!! poster I bought from an i-am-8-bit gallery.  I wanted to put up a Mega Man 9 poster but was overruled.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Your crib is ballin' good sir,
and please, could we get more of these?

Posted by kist

loving that frog!!

Posted by Meltbrain

Nice place, Ryan! You have a grip of games, and a damn nice TV. The singing frog is kinda... weird.

Posted by Sabata

I want that Portal poster.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I wish I had a cartoon Bobblehead of Ryan. Put it on the store!

Posted by LionHeartWill

Cool stuff Ryan, thanks for the home tour.

I liked the pacman clock.

Posted by MeatSim

That's a pretty sweet setup you got going their Ryan

Posted by QuietAlien

Dude...Paul's Boutique is a great album.

Posted by Joey2683

Cool, thanks Ryan.

Posted by PsYuSoFly

I have to say my friend you make having pee wee herman merchandise cool. And I wanted to see the bathroom toilet where some more of the magic happens.

Posted by lamegame621

Dude, nice.

Posted by Kraznor

Nice. Copy of Watchmen and all the black velvet paintings were my highlights, especially in light of Vinny's disparaging remarks regarding such artworks a few podcasts back.

Posted by RoboRobb

That was awesome

Posted by sp1der1976

Thanks for letting us into your home Ryan.

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I feel kind of creepy and stalkerish for watching this.

Also I laughed at Paul's Boutique being your top vinyl in the pile.  I just bought that ish last week!
Posted by zityz

Nic house. I have the exact same TV as you, I dunno if its the same size as mine is only a 46"  I spoted the kids in the hall dvd. One of my all time favorite comedy skit shows.
Also. Vynal records are the shit.

and yea you havea  nice home. Seams your making quite a bit off this whole gaming journalism thing, either that or your a pusha man in your spare time, ya know, for fun.

Posted by piropeople13

Your house is awesome.

Posted by AV_Gamer

Nice House Ryan.

Posted by dankempster

Seriously awesome vid, Ryan. It's stuff like this that makes Giant Bomb so damn awesome. Thanks for giving us the grand tour, duder.

Oh, and a little dig from a grammar Nazi - in the video's subtitle, it should be "Whose house?", rather than "Who's house?". Seeing as the video was so awesome, though, I'll let it slide ;)

Posted by JJOR64

They should just make videos are their own houses.  lol  Anyways, awesome crib.  Can I move in?

Posted by Grillbar

okay i know everyone has allready said it but this is just awsome this is just one of the things that makes GB the best site on the web

just all these vids even if they really aint about anything is just awsome

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Diggin' the Pee Wee Herman poster ;)

Posted by TheHT

wicked pad dude lulz.

Posted by strangeling


Nice place Ryan.
Posted by Railer

Nice place. I wish i still had a working Dreamcast, it had some awesome games.

Posted by SuperJoe

Ryan's living room is straight from the 80's with the wood paneling and black velvet paintings.  Wonder Showzen!

Posted by tuesdaythe5th

You own yourself in bobble head form!

Posted by Reuben

Awesome house Ryan!

Posted by samcotts

Best GiantBomb video yet.

Posted by Venatio

Great place youve got there Ryan, this is a great feature because I was curious to see the Giantbomb crews gaming setups, I hope that we will get to see everyones places soon