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Posted by ChrisTaran
@hagridore said:
" Most ridiculous video ever? "
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Posted by Besetment

Are they trying to convince me to buy stock in final fantasy? What the hell is this?

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3 . 9 . 2010 
WTF does that even mean?!
@artofwar420: He's just their lab rat MWUHAHAHAHA!!!

Posted by Bakutheswede

Hahaha what the hell did i just watch? I'm not sure if that guy was promoting a final fantasy game or trying to sell me a bmw.

Posted by FlipperDesert
@megalowho said:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they'd gotten their target audience a little mixed-up.
Also, what was up with the never-seen-before footage? "YEAH RANDOM BATTLES WOOO! CHECK OUT THESE FUCKIN' CHOCOBOS!"
Posted by Whiskeyjack

Goofy, smug video or not.. damn I'm still stoked.

Posted by Burns098356GX

I dont wanna sound wierd, but at about the 25 sec mark when hes walking, you can totally see the male camel-toe.

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Posted by Catolf

this SOMEGUY is actually Troy Baker whom does the Voice for Snow Villiers in FF13.
Also for Endurance Run fan's he's  Kanji Tatsumi In Persona 4. Show him some love. <3

Posted by Zodiark

Leona Luis? WTF
Posted by RVonE
@Burns098356GX said:
"I dont wanna sound wierd, but at about the 25 sec mark when hes walking, you can totally see the male camel-toe. "

Lol whut?
Posted by Jackel2072

Are they selling steak knives with FF13?

Posted by ashton

The most anticipated gaming experience of all time?!?!?!?

Posted by Red

I used to be pretty excited for FF13, and was one of the main reasons I bought a PStriple. 
Now it just looks like a bland, incredibly corporate JRPG...with Leona Lewis.

Posted by Hemlock

Is this video for real or did my dentist slip me acid?

Posted by ZeForgotten

Did  John Yamamoto just try to sell me Final Fantasy Sardines?  
Sweet, I'm sold

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Posted by Linkyshinks

That model-actor guy should be shot

Posted by lordofultima

so 3/9/09 America style, or Europe style. Hopefully America style.

Posted by Fei

What the hell is this crap. It actually turns me off.

Posted by Asrahn

Most anticipated of all time? I guess I'll buy the game out of spite and see for myself if it can truly triumph Final Fantasy 9 then.

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Why does a final fantasy game have Leona Lewis making the theme song and is the video taking being filmed in some secret, Japanese military base in the future.

Posted by XXL_Bomb
@lordofultima said:
" so 3/9/09 America style, or Europe style. Hopefully America style. "
America style in this video. The date on the EU PS blog was 9/3/10 so it's definitely March. But they really shouldn't do numbered dates. Too confusing.
Posted by King9999

The doucheyness just radiates off this guy.

Posted by Yazleb

That marketing dildo, was like Chris Klein from Street Fighter the Legend of Chun-Li. 
Seriously go and watch TANG and make the comparison.

Posted by TOYBOXX

Leona Lewis is part of the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack? - ugh! Pop culture does not need to be in a franchise like FF. Look at 50 cents video games. They're a running joke because of the ridiculousness of it all. And to my eyes this is no different. If the gaming industry continues to evolve in this direction, I for one, will stick to playing on the PC for my gaming entertainment even though that platform is a dying breed. 
First we have to put up with Hyperbole (which is the only way a game sells these days instead of letting the game sell itself), but now we have to put up with this?

Posted by Sykosis

That's Troy Baker, he does voice acting. I'm pretty sure he does someones voice for the game. As for the vid itself it seems like Square spared no expense for this game.

Posted by TheHBK

oh god, this makes me hate FF more... 

Posted by queenulhu

there is something disconcerting about that model actor.... i feel like... he has no idea what he's talking about.  

Posted by nekoNari

@TOYBOXX said:

"Pop culture does not need to be in a franchise like FF."

Excuse me, but FF series has had pop songs for several titles now, ever since FFVIII with Faye Wong's "Eyes on Me". And quite frankly, pop songs and video games, just as any other media (except static ones like pictures or books), works well together. 
But yeah, FF X-2 wasn't... that good.

Posted by DukeTogo

Walk with me through this green screen set while I pretend to know about this washed-up series only douchebags enjoy.

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

Damn. So much hate for the game in these comments. I didn't care for this video much either but damn. Try the game before you start bitching. I've loved every numbered Final Fantasy game, even XI, so I'm going to give Square Enix the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Weird... was this only meant for corporate eyes?

Posted by themartyr

I liked the japanese guy doing his best engrish speech. Leona Lewis, Glammy nominated and lich souful singing. 

Posted by torus

John Yamamoto said:

 Music has been integlar to Finar Fantasy in (accompanying?) and bringing to
 rife ze motion an depts of za serieses blilliant stoly telling. I am very preased to announce zat we ahr partneraling with jelecos (?) and psycho-musix (?), rammy nominated (unintelligible) singre song writer Leona Lewis to present her new song My Hands as a single song for the North American and European rereases of Finar Fantasy

My Hands a new track from Leona Lewis's highly anticipated second arbum Echo is a lich ballad that compriments a powarful sceme of Final Fantasy Shirteen. We are thrirred and honor to share with eberyone za inspieraing brand of Leona Lewis's sowlful and captivating voice and the drama of Final Fantajee Thirteen.

   I think I got that about right. 
I feel sorry for the guy, it would have been much easier for all of us if he had just spoken in Japanese with subtitles.
Posted by sdnewman

Haha what a douchebag, those graphics look sick though.

Posted by Landmine

Hey it's Kanji, well, the guy who does the voice at least. The graphics look pretty plain, then again.. everything looks plain after playing Uncharted 2, even real life.

Posted by ectoplasma

gotta love the japanese guys!

Posted by ectoplasma
@torus: Whats the problem? He tries to be polite and you could understand. Don't act like a french person ;).
Posted by DrRandle

So... we're getting a page for "Some Guy," Right?

Posted by Th3_James

hmmm, i don;t like FF game

Posted by HaltIamReptar

This is either rocks a shit translation, or those guys are all assholes.

Posted by zyn

6 days people!

Posted by Lelcar

Can't wait!
Posted by yates


Posted by HeyLookIJust

What in the world is wrong with this video.

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