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Oh Crap!
That is really gruesome.

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I haven't played the full game yet but it looks to me like Ryan may have crippled himself by specing purely on the Unholy side.  Seeing as how much he's using the holy cross attack then it'd make sense to upgrade that attack so it does more damage. 
Also, i believe the Holy path has a very powerful follow-up to your counter. 
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Why would anybody buy this game with God of War III so close around the corner?

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Wow same here i got stuck their for like 15 goes. The way i finally got it was to do that move that brings the enemies towards ya then the one that pops them up in the air then i would spin around in the air with my scythe.

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I think I am going to have to rent this game. At the moment I am  tied up with God of war and mass effect 2 at the moment

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@TadThuggish said:
" an awful marketing campaign with an awful slogan "
Come on man. "Go to hell" was an excellent tagline.
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There is a moment like this is in many different games for many different players. We've all had this kind of frustration at one point. I feel your pain!!! Ain't playin' this Inferno.

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WORD.  I got goddamn mad at this.  Cross'ed the hell outta this as it said, worked after 45 minutes.

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No no no no! FUCK!
Priceless ^_^

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finished it first try. just use the right relic ;) and somebody dying for 20 minutes would probably just google what to do ...

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If the game FORCES you to do something like this..that makes it shit, not fun.

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@metalhead87 said:
" @Shux:@Shux said:
" these ralic r pretty much unmissable. its not like its an open world game like gta and u need to find the freaking birds. it is GOW with a twist, the ralic and holy unholy power adds another depth and tactic to this game. and its about finding the balance in the game. use differnt ralic in different challange. its kinda part of the design imo thought it was great anyway. "
Relics are definitely missable.  The ones you get from the demon dog things are usually off on some path that you just might not notice.   The ones you get from talking to that dude more than once at certain times is just unknown unless you read about it or just happen to talk to him more than once and get one.....I had no idea he gave relics until I was at the end of the game. "
fair enaugh I just happened to looked around quite a bit in the game. and I did talked to that dude many many times everytime lol even the 2nd play though I talked to him till he shuts up lol. I guss I just like the game. well I think Ryan just didnt quite fully learn the game itself, dont blam him as he is to review the game in a short time and its always hard to get force though a game that u might not fully enjoy. might play though this game again before GOW3 comes out :D and finishing off STALKER COP
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I made a sandwich and came back and it was still going on. Quit this shit and go make a sam-which.

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really seems like the game implies you can go all unholy or all holy, but without some more ranged attacks this is nigh impossible

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wow, I truly feel your pain Ryan, makes me feel bad since I finished this in one try on unholy, but to be fair, I got stuck on the first puzzle of the game, which makes me a moron, lol
Thanks for the video Ryan!

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well I'm not playing this game then. I hate levels like that.

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This really is a horrible game and i'd recommend that nobody ever play it, but if you're determined to stick your dick in a cheese grater there's a couple of tips for this section.
1) As everybody has mentioned level up the combo-time increase Relic 

2) Never get the Beatrice stones upgrades, they're actually a good way to gimp yourself, instead absolve every single damned soul you come across, as the stupid mini-game will end up giving you about 4000 souls for each one instead of 600 from punishing them.  Doing it that way i had about double the amount of abilities unlocked that Ryan has at this stage of the game.
3) To get your Unholy up grab and punish every single small enemy you encounter, it's a one hit kill in a game full of bullshit damage soak monsters and it comes with invulnerability frames so it's an excellent way to save both time and health.

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Ryan: If you are still having problems with this challenge, here is what you need to do. It will help the situation greatly if you have obtained the Coin of Plutus relic. Level 1 of the relic gives you a 1 second increase in combo time. This should help a lot with this challenge. Also definitely use the redemption meter ability that I did see you use (increases your attack speed).  The game is frustrating at times but I was able to obtain all the achievements in 2 playthroughs. Gamertag is Alucard. Good luck!
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I was somewhat interested in this game, but after seeing this, there's no fucking way I'm going to play it.

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The easiest way to beat this is by just using your cross attack. It took me several attempts but got it no prob.

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@Kazona said:
" I was somewhat interested in this game, but after seeing this, there's no fucking way I'm going to play it. "
so .... because ryan didn´t know how to play this particular challenge you won´t buy/rent the game ?
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wow Ryan. I'm sorry.

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This game is full of retarded design choices and shitty planning all around. It's a fucking insult to the source material and the sincerely good art created by their own team.

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a strange game. the only winning move is not to play.

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the challenges were one of the only parts of the game i actually liked. And yeah the Holy cross is the best way to go with this in comination with some combos that'll throw those big guys in the air. Blasted my way through this. Litterally.. Game does suck in the end. Dante's Hellhole.

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I'm up for the challenge.  Game is a must buy for me!

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thanks for the advice regarding not to auto absolve a damned as that will give more souls!
That will help me get my achievement!
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I feel sorry for Ryan having a hard time with this, but I feel the game for the most part ( Aside from a few questionable checkpoint locations and really bad camera angles on jumping puzzles) is alot of fun, the game and Hell looked great, maybe not from a technical standpoint but the art and look was nice.

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"Go to hell", well, at least the adverts weren't lying.

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Fuck this game. Need a follow-up video with Ryan burning it.

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i had no trouble beating this part. i actually found the challenge to be quite fun.

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Not only is it an Italian God of War with Christianity instead of Greek mythology, but it forces the player to undertake grueling challenges like this; difficult instances are fun but when they take this long and leave the player with no sense of satisfaction, then the game fails. 
At first i was intrigued by the idea of a Dante's Inferno game, but now that we know it's just a God of War rip off, all interest have faded. It would be awesome if God of War 3 were to make fun of this game e.g. Kratos running into an NPC called Dante, calling him a "sad, false, shell of man" then cutting him in half.

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I hated the game and I totally understand Ryan. It's just that Dante's control is just clunky. You never feel like you have a full control of him, which makes the game harder. Oh well, I feel bad for Ryan

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Oh god, this was even worse than Jeff's Mega Man 9 video.

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I've been going around telling my friends to just save for God of War III instead of playing this, and this video just kind of validates that. It doesn't look fun at all and the demo didn't impress me.

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This is why Giant Bomb owns all.

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All the other sites didn't find it hard to finish... Also people saying this makes them not want to play the game? This isn't the whole game you sheep.

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CHALLENGE FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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These are my steps for completing challenges like these in any game.
1. Turn off in game volume or mute TV. (Having the game remind you that you suck doesn't help)
2. Take a few minutes to think up strategies every now and then.
3. If you get angry, turn it off. (The game will be there when your rage subsides) 
Finally (Try, try again, it's just a game and it can be defeated)
Kudos to Ryan for completing the challenge.

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That's pretty messed up. Not necessarily the challenge itself, but that the game basically throws you into an arena over and over in order to get to the end. Pretty lazy attempt to stretch play-time.

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You should do a video on the final fight in Killzone 2 on elite, now that's IMPOSSIBLE...

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Game: Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Game: Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Game: Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Game: Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*continue for 20 hours*

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Ryan, you are still fucking awesome.

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Tthe worst part is knowing in the near future i will totally be stuck at this part too.

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Having all those exclamation points after telling you that you failed the challenge makes it seem like a cheap foreign made game.
Fire the retard who made that choice.

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@Max_Hydrogen said:
"It would be awesome if God of War 3 were to make fun of this game e.g. Kratos running into an NPC called Dante, calling him a "sad, false, shell of man" then cutting him in half. "
That would be fantastic!
Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that people are getting all hot and bothered about the frustration of the challenge and whether that should be the fault of the designer or the fault of the gamer. What I feel is that games overall should be fun. If you are a person that finds entertainment in challenging themselves, that's fine. But I feel that if you are not this kind of person and simply want to enjoy the style and atmosphere along with the gameplay, you shouldn't be forced to play these things. That's just not fun for that kind of gamer; he/she should find the same enjoyment whichever path they should take, with or without relics. This doesn't necessarily mean this is a gamebreaker, I'm sure this game has many merits, however, it does feel lazy and uninspired for this to appear. This definitely should look like an optional thing just like Challenge of the Gods in the God of War games.
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Dante's Inferno is to Ryan as Megaman 9 is to Jeff