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I just finished Dante's Inferno and I was reminded of this video.  Luckily with the right relics and maxed out cross attacks this trial was a breeze for me.

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Jeff:  You should try not to get hit

I see he's being reading Gary Whitta's Guide To Video Games

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I'm damn glad I watched this video when I was still about 1/4 of the way into Dante's Inferno. I switched over to Holy path and leveled up the relic that helps with the combo counter (which I wouldn't have cared about otherwise). Ended up finishing this on normal difficulty on the first try.

Decent game that I probably would have spent way too many extra hours trying to finish if not for being warned about this part. (The last boss is about 20 min after this part ) Thanks.

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I feel I should mention the relic. Has anyone else mentioned the relic? I bet I'm the first to mention the relic and ignore the issue of the player not knowing they might need a "relic" to progress hours later when making upgrade choices might be really bad game design.

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I beat this on my first try a couple hours ago. It wasn't that hard, you just have to use your cross and dodge correctly. Ryan was too passive, he could of got more hits before he dodged. Also there is a relic, like everyone else has mentioned, that helps create a wider window.

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Wow, so many things wrong with this game just from this brief look at it. Mandatory challenges that make no sense in the context of a modern videogame story is just lazy to no end.

And as a graphic designer, putting all those exclamation marks on the "failed" part is obscenely tacky. You would only find that in some badly localized JRPG, it has no place here.

Plus, all the destruction of art and the advertising of this game really makes it something that no one should have ever bought. I couldn't believe some of the stories of what EA did to promote this garbage, they should have been sued to the ground.

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Breaking Brad would be proud of this

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You forget how to dodge or something, bro?

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Wow, he really sucks at this game. I mean it's not even that hard.

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660 comments? Will it get to the magical number? Just 5 more to go!

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Huh. This has taken on a pretty morbid context.

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I've never seen this.

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This video game frustration is the worst. Repetitive fails arrgh

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I feel it is my moral duty to add to these numbers.


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Just completed this game and this part is a bit tricky but not too difficult. Overall though I enjoyed the game and I don't think it deserved some of the middling reviews it received.

Also 665.

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I have never played this game.


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I still remember watching this years ago and deciding that I never want to play it ever.