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Posted by GoodKn1ght
@3Dawg said:
" Lol this looks horrible, SC is supposed to be a stealth game, this is not a stealth game. I rather play through SCCT in coop again, not this action shit. "
you are in the minority
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I loved the Whole splinter cell series anyway. Yes, even Double Agent. In fact that one's my favourite of the SC series. :-) 
I can't wait for this game to come out. I hope it's as good as it look's. 

Posted by Oni

Yeah that framerate was very, very bad. Like, gamebreakingly so. I am fine with 30fps but that was like, 10-15 in points. Hope that gets fixed.

Posted by Quacktastic

The projected objectives seem a lot more fitting in single player.

Posted by ezdude

I wonder why they stopped making Playstation versions of the Splinter Cell. Ubisoft is hating on PS3 it seems, Assasin's Creed 2 has some serious pop in graphics going on the PS3 v3rsion too.

Posted by lordofultima
@GoodKn1ght said:
" @3Dawg said:
" Lol this looks horrible, SC is supposed to be a stealth game, this is not a stealth game. I rather play through SCCT in coop again, not this action shit. "
you are in the minority "
Err, I dunno about that. Did you play Chaos Theory coop? It was amazing.
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@ezdude said:

" I wonder why they stopped making Playstation versions of the Splinter Cell. Ubisoft is hating on PS3 it seems, Assasin's Creed 2 has some serious pop in graphics going on the PS3 v3rsion too. "

They said the series was originally meant as an Xbox franchise, and MS gave a lot of support and faith to the developers back then, so they wanted to keep this one on the Xbox and likened it (ironically) to Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation.
They also wanted to fully utilize the 360's technology instead of working multiplatform.  But in the end it's up to Ubisoft, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a PS3 version crop of eventually.  But this isn't one of MS's timed exclusives, it's exclusive purely because the devs want it to be.  So who knows..
Posted by Adziboy
@Jackel2072 said:
"they should make a co-op only splinter cell game. Think of it more like a spin off then a replacement for the current franchise. call it Splinter Cell: Joint Ops "

That would suck. Having to have 2 players ALL the time, either next to you or online, would be difficult and frustrating. I don't think any game is EVER going to be only co-op; it's just a too small of an audience.
Posted by SneakyPenguins

There was a lot of killing in this i hope you still get better ratings or something for no casualties. That is the echelon way


While this game doesn't look bad, I don't like the new direction of not punishing players as much for not being stealthy.  While I understand they want to appeal to a casual crowd, they don't need to make it into Uncharted 2 where Stealth kills are nice but if you're spotted you can just shoot everyone and continue just fine.  Fingers crossed that the game gets a lot harder (alarm system etc) for playing guns blazing.

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@TheClap said:

" In Soviet Russia, guards see nothing! "

In Soviet Russia, you see the guards.
Posted by MeatSim

The Co-Op looks good and something I would play unlike Spy's vs. Mercenaries.

Posted by Pocky4Th3Win

Am I the only one concerned that the game tells the player every action he must do, not just objectives but holding his hand every step of the way?
Posted by StingingVelvet

WAAAAAAY too many training wheels.  Looks like the same philosophy that ruined the last Prince of Persia is in action here.  Not to say I will not get it and enjoy it, but I despise the idea that mainstream gamers are too stupid to line up shots themselves, God... 
Posted by RsistncE

Oh. My. PAPAYA. I think I just jizzed in my pants.

Posted by Kaspar

Why are people comparing the Co-op to Spec ops. Besides, this is a stealth action game, not a shooter. Splinter Cell had coop waaay  before CoD.

Posted by Osiris

Ehm, those guards did NOT see them at all in the middle of those lights? That was rather lame... All in all it looks alright I guess. Nothing to get super excited about.

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The game design and voice work is on the same level of excitement as washing dishes. The frame rate is two loaves of bread digested in real-time. Can't wait to preorder this.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

This looks...nuts.

Posted by bornagain888

Love it!!!

Posted by Halz

So... framerates.

Posted by DarthB

can't wait.  loved what i played of the chaos theory mp and this looks like it will raise my future expectations.

Posted by Protome

Framerate was horrible, and the game looks significantly worse than it did at E3. What is going on here D:

Posted by NotSoSneakyGuy

A disappointing lack of chickens in this coop walkthrough...

Posted by NTM

Overall it looks great. There's just some minor problems like a slow framerate at one point and the AI don't seem to have peripheral vision. I like how the game mixes brutality into the sneaking. It's like that Bourne game and Splinter Cell.
Posted by yorro

Of course, the framerate could be the video recording.

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I'm absolutely certain that the reason for the HUD appearance of 'sonar' goggles is to get the Giant Bomb feud all riled up.
Also, the idea of co-op stealth is something I think is geniunely fresh and 'innovative'. I can't recall any movie, except MAYBE the Mission: Impossible series, in which there has been co-op spy missions, and even then the team is back-up, while the main character does his thing alone.

Posted by Phonics

ugh showing a video with framerate drops before the game is released is some bad marketing

Posted by Ekkers

yeah the game looks great but that framerate needs to be dealt with

Posted by Heliosicle

PLEASE don't be a bad pc port >:(

Posted by Linkyshinks

I watched an hour of this being played by Famitsu the other day, I came away really impressed by how good the storytelling was. Cool looking game with cool looking stealth mechanics. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Posted by ShaunassNZ

Oh yea!

Posted by Tarakun

Ok, I'm seriously excited for this game. The multiplayer looks awesome.
I need to finish Chaos Theory and Double Agent, I don't have much time...

Posted by TheFreeMan

Good lord that was some terrible frame-rate.
Hopefully they either manage to fix that up by release or it was just the recording.

Posted by big_jon
same lol
Posted by senrat

Ubisoft has wouldnt release a footage with that kind of framerate. Its the video not the game. Ive seen this footage on gamespot and the framerate was smooth.

Posted by wiII

Game looks great other than frame rate.  hopefully that's just the video transfer doing that.

Posted by xyzygy

I think thats just video transfer. But man this game looks amazing. Can't wait.

Posted by CowsWithGuns

Sooooo good!

Posted by Media_Master

Looks amazing!!!

Posted by supermike6

I am so pumped. This looks really awesome. Hopefully I can get enough money to buy it by the time it comes out.

Posted by fastidious

Looks solid, should be a good game to play with a buddy. Just hope there are a good amount of co-op missions.

Posted by Moeez
@Branthog said:
" Nothign says stealth like a bunch of bright glowing lights on your forehead and back of your neck. "
That's only visible to you, the player. Do you think night-vision goggles actually come off with a green luminescent glow?
Posted by fillmoejoe

Looks great but needs to add more fist bumps.

Posted by Jekaboom
@JRay said:
" @punkxblaze:  Holy fuck, frameraaaate. Hopefully they work on that before the final release.    I thought that!! Bit of a gamebreaker needs some serious work! "
signed. willing to buy FPS if this is how the final game feels like.