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Posted by mikenator121

Best trailer of the show. So far anyway. Though i kinda wish there was some gameplay...

Posted by Singeslayer

Can someone say pre-order?

Posted by Warihay

Dude, anyone else think Bioware should just ditch Kotor and re make episodes 1-3. God damn that was awesome.

Posted by GodzillaVsJapan

WOW that trailer blew my mind. Bioware has never disappointed I don't expect them to start here. I cant wait for this game.

Posted by AURON570

cool. the main sith guy sort of reminded me of Arthas in warcraft 3 when he returned to kill his father. the hood and the voice.... yeah i laughed a bit when he said "your kingdom shall fall".

Posted by Blitzer

Quitting WoW for this. (assuming it's good)

Posted by Fbomb

It's just a CG fight sequence with voice over... not sure what people are so excited about.

Posted by imayellowfellow

so where is this in the knights of the old republic timeline? just looked like more sith again to me

i was hoping for something to do with the characters from the KOTOR games but i guess this is just gonna be vague about that until the expansions

Posted by GioVANNI
@Fbomb: Because it's an  AWESOME CG fight sequence with voice over!
Posted by Giantsquirrel

Anybody notice the whole trailer was Blizzard-y? Totally seems like a Diablo 3 trailer to me.

Posted by MatFish
@Fire_Marshall_Bill: Guess you won't be playing then. It's a big title western MMO, the chances of it being free are slim to none.
Posted by luniac

Did that sith lord look like malak or what???

Posted by death_and_drek

I know this game will be great, but I wish they'd turn down the over the top eeeeeeeeeevil in the Sith Lord's voice.

Posted by Grilledcheez


Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me this will be released on 360.

Posted by ComradeCrash

Looks cool but I do wish this game was single player only...

Posted by InsertCoin

oh! I'm going to go home and play Star Wars: Force Unleashed now.

Posted by Mootalstrike

Dude, yes.

Posted by monkey523

This is only a CG fight sequence.  In-game lightsaber combat has always been less than impressive.

Being an MMO only lowers my expectations for this game.  I just don't know why it's necessary.  I mean, an MMO isn't the best platform to tell a compelling story, and that's honestly what I want most out of a starwars game.

Posted by DCFGS3
@Damotello: Yeah lol, I looked it up, It is WAY before the Star Wars storyline. But I was confused, because the drop ship and the soldiers all look like Attack of the Clones, like next gen equipment. Dam these guys need to come up with some new ideas...
Posted by high_seraph

wow this looks incredible. i hope the game lives up to the trailer

Posted by Begemot

Ugh, I keep replaying it, either here or gametrailers or youtube, etc.

The voice alone is top notch.

Posted by brighteye
@raidingkvatch said:
"@donwoogie: I don't think it's Malak, Malak had tatts on his headI really really would prefer KotOR3, but this does look coolWhat's the crack with bald headed Sith with breathing devices? I want some handsome evil dudes!"

You are missing the point of an mmo, want some good looking evil dudes ? Make them!
As always i am torn with my characters , i usually play a really really good guy that look similar to myself,
or i play a flirty ,really baad girl that just want to have fun. (actually, "whisky" in latest episode of Dollhouse was spot on ...)
Only time i ever played a really good female character were in CoH, perhaps "Lady Medic" will return in Campions Online?
Posted by Gigaman

Phew, sometimes I wonder how the Republic gets the time and money to rebuild EVERYTHING.

Posted by Djeffers03

looks awsome but I will never play it because its an MMO

Posted by Aaron_G

Another game looks awesome.

Posted by Swinghi

Wow.  At least a great trailer.

Posted by Kombat
@Fire_Marshall_Bill said:
" looks great, but if I have to pay to play a game I already paid for, then I'll have to pass on it "
You will.  Don't even question it.
Posted by raidingkvatch
@brighteye: I just didn't want it to be the kind of thing where morality changes your appearance, and therefore evil equals ugly
Posted by Kraznor

Guess I'll be upgrading my PC instead of buying that video camera. Sigh.

Posted by Media_Master

Sweet trailer

Posted by Keeng

That was an excellent trailer. I am 100% sure I'll never buy this game but that trailer was damn good.

Posted by TheHBK

Wow, cannot wait.

Posted by TOYBOXX

Truly amazing!

Posted by Deathinmusic

Didn't excite me in the least. I don't like MMO's.

Posted by dpedal1

Nice trailer....won't be getting the game though.