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I wonder how they explained this bit to SWERY.

And yes, the return of Life is Beautiful and Video Thing! I knew you couldn't resist, Giant Bomb!

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Best interview

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vinny should be in charge of all content on this site

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RIP Nyan cat.

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This is what happens when you teach the GiantBomb staff telepathy.

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I've always wondered how they do these Japanese dubbed interviews. I guess they just pretend like their understanding something and add the appropriate footage to the dub.

Go watch the actually interview with the idea in mind that patrick and ryan don't understand a word SWERY says and it adds a level of humor to it.

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I have always wondered...who is saying "Video Thing" at the beginning of these videos. It sounds a lot like Rich Gallup.

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Going by Patrick and Ryan's reaction it's probably just a lot of B-roll they took of them listening to Swery's answers. Still awesome though. I just wish Jeff or Vinny or somebody had been in the background the whole time alternating between pointing at their own chest and putting their hand up to the side of their heads while leaning down slightly and mouthing to themselves.

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This was great. Makes me want to watch the ER yet again.

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@Mendelson9: That's Ryan. The serial killer voice is a dead giveaway.

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In the place of senseless violence

Let's have some awkward silence



So says Mr. Stewart.

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Well looks like i have to get this when it comes to ps3 now.

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Perfectly indicative of everything amazing about Deadly Premonition! Hahaha, videos like this are why I pay money to come to this site!

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amazing director. Truly his vision has been brought to life in this cut.

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Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for another 2 years

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If I were rich I'd like to fund a Swery made game based on the GB offices. Also I endorse this type of content, always.

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And the Oscar for Best Short Documentary goes to...

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Remember those special features on our favorite website, Zach?

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How you keep a straight face during any of that is unbelievable.

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Grinning like an idiot watching this!

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more of this

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This is the best ever

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Instant classic.

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The return of the Video Thing. Oh how long we've waited for this moment.

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I enjoyed this version of the interview a lot more!

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funny as fuck, smiled from start to finish.

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It was even weirder before I realized there was an actual real interview video. lol

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Out of boring marketing for a directors cut comes TRUE gaming journalism excellence. I missed you Video Thing.

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*Nods in Agreement*

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The triumphant return of Video Thing!

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SWERY seems pretty cool.

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God, that was amazing.

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It just got better and better.

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I found myself whistling along with the song.

Doesn't everybody?

Amazing! Early frontrunner for VOTY!

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Saying this about another grown man feels really weird (with the utmost confidence in my heterosexuality), but SWERY's just too cute.

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simple and effective. This song holds a special place in my memory.

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Just watched and whistled to a video thing.

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Is it weird that I nodded back at Swery when he nodded??