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You are idiots and I love you. That was hillarious

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Best video thing 2013

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I couldn't stop laughing

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So glad I could see the original vision for the interview in all its glory. This is true artistic expression.

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Video of the Year.

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yes! return of video thing

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And people talk about language barriers. Bollocks, I say. That went completely fine. My favorite part was when they all agreed ;)

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I'm just enjoying it with the idea that the entire video is them doing a psychic interview where they are simply speaking to each other telepathically in their minds.

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Video Thing? GOT DAMN. It's been a while. Also, really funny video.


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I have missed Video Thing so much! Hilarious return

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2013, ladies and gentlemen! It's a Giant Bomb VIDEO THING! (video thing)

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I learnt more from this interview than the other one. I love it.

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@TripMasterMunky said:

This is lot better than the theatrical release. Lots of good info.

video thang.

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Right, close the site! You can't top this.

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This is great.

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SWERY is adorable.

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@Paindamnation said:

@TripMasterMunky said:

This is lot better than the theatrical release. Lots of good info.

video thang.

I've missed "video thing" sooo so much.

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That was just... ...beautiful... ;(;(;(

Art in it's purest form... ;(;(;(

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Video Thang!

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This is how my dreams about SWERY usually go.

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Its been a while since a video thing happened.

Also I love giantbomb.

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Thank you Patrick for wanting to bring SWERY into the office, the interview was already great but this is just the shit ton of icing on that wonderful cake.

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In the place of senseless violence

Let's have some awkward silence



So says Mr. Stewart.

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This video is an example of why GiantBomb is the best. More like this!

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They're doing nothing, and this is now one of my favorite videos on the site.  Life IS beautiful.

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This is...awesome.

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Alright, this is pure fucking gold. Just got convinced to watch both the ERs (joined the site after they were made, don't kill me eh).

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@DrJota said:

In the place of senseless violence

Let's have some awkward silence



So says Mr. Stewart.

Check please! We are done here.

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This was the kind of SWERY related video content that I was looking for.

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When the kazoos came in, I realized how great this was.

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Fuck yeah Video Thing. I didn't know how much I missed those until I yelled 'YEAAAH' in response to the opening.

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So says Mr. Stewart

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Fuck! Fuck.

Fuck this is great.

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Life surely is beautiful.

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Zach, this really is a very strange video. I think Vinny has an odd sense of humor, don't you?

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This made me chuckle hard, i hope all interviews will just be in this format from now on

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This made my morning.

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T... This is great!

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Video thing! It's been so long.

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Amazing! ... Nice shot!

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Well... I guess you've just sold another copy of Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut.

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Only Giant Bomb. This is why I've been here for four years.

Also I think SWERY's eyebrows gained sentience at 2:30 into the video.