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Posted by Computerplayer1

I'd rather hear about what he has to say about this game failing to live up to his amazing games from the past. Still, can't not love the Schafer!

Posted by Jeffsekai

No thank you, I would rather have more story stuff.

Posted by Griddler

Shame, if it were single-player DLC I might consider picking the game up. 
6-8 hours just doesn't cut it for me.

Posted by zityz

Little annoying to hear someone commentating on what your doing while the other guy can hear you lol. 
Looks like the one dude is getting a tad annoyed
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Looked pretty close :)
I can see why Herzog Zwei was an inspiration.
What was that music at the end from?

Posted by C0V3RT

Wow...I'm sure this has been in the works since before reviews came out - but I'm shocked that they didn't give the masses what they want in more single player.
Posted by MetalGearSunny
@Computerplayer1 said:
" I'd rather hear about what he has to say about this game failing to live up to his amazing games from the past. Still, can't not love the Schafer! "
He isn't gonna say anything like that anytime soon. That would most likely mess with the sales for the game.
Posted by Death_Burnout


Posted by sixpin

$5 on Xbox Live. Or free on PS3. I bought it for Xbox 360. Price points were not announced until last week. Sorry, Tim, but I'll be passing on this. 
Also, the game isn't that good.
Posted by cstrang

Yeah, I spent like 3 hours playing multiplayer and that was more than enough.  If it added more story or fixed some of the other stuff, I might consider dropping the cash, but, right now, I'm keeping the money for DLC for Borderlands.

Posted by TooWalrus

Probably won't pick up the multiplayer maps, but I did play it for a solid week, and I love it.

Posted by Delta_Ass

So they're gonna charge 5 bucks for more content of the most criticized aspect of Brutal Legend? Good luck with that, Tim.

Posted by Arjuna

Brutal Legend is great fun, with great variety, and great personality.
It hurts to hear people hate on this game and then go and play one of the plethora of games where you heartlessly place a cross-hair over a person and pull the right trigger.  It was cool when Doom came out but....  it's gotten old...  The multiplayer has many facets and depth to it...  You'll be required to think, and not just rely on a twitch reflex in your finger.

Edited by crusnchill

I bet activision are haveing crazy bum sex with each other now that Brutal Legend is getting less than favourable reviews from customers. Ass holes. (activision that is.)
No matter what anybody say's. You can't deny that the rock theme was a truly unique direction. Up until I heard that there's an RTS side to the game. :-(
Oh well... I haven't bought this game and I didn't really plan to do so, so this has no bearing on me. :-) 
NOTE: Did anybody notice how much Tim Schaffer was explaining the game mechanics. If he'd of created a better game without the RTS element, he wouldn't of had to do that.
Posted by Dryker

I own the game, but haven't played the multiplayer yet. This video makes it look pretty intense, though it appears to have a rather steep learning curve. With all the great multiplayer games coming out, whose gonna have the time?

Posted by FLStyle

Is the RTS multi-player that bad? That video makes it look like something I could really get into.

Posted by ToxicFruit

looks like it is pretty fun if you know how to play it

Posted by borgmaster
@Branthog: Wall-of-Text-of-Doom!
Posted by Yummylee

Sweet Tux.
Posted by Deusoma
I'm not bashing your opinion or anything, dude, but that really should have been a blog post, not a video comment.
Edited by Trevahhh

 @ Branthog

Posted by Trevahhh

And look at 4:09. LOL Tim Schafer clone!

Edited by Siris
@Branthog: jesus, that was long and painful
Brutal Legend was an awesome game for the way it attempted to combine three very successful genres. It balanced them pretty well I thought, and warrants at least a play through the story. Roooock oooonn!
Posted by HypoXenophobia

Was I the only one that noticed what looked like to be a SNES and a N64 under the tv on the right?
Posted by JoelTGM

that looked cool

Edited by MajorToms

So this really only announced multiplayer map pack? They did kind of leave the end of the game open for a bit of expansion, or so it seems, but it doesn't sound like they are aiming on following up on that.
to be honest, I wasn't impressed with the in game RTS to want to play it in multiplayer.  
The lack of a persistent HUD during the RTS really messed with me. I feel there should have been some kind of small status bar that informed me with numbers. I just felt like I wasn't receiving the information I should have been receiving while in RTS. I had to manually check up on my troops by calling up the build menu, or fly back to them. And when I checked on them they were half dead.

Posted by FLStyle
@Branthog: Thanks for your input, looks like I'll just be renting it for a week then.
Posted by cstrang
@Arjuna: It really irks me that people have been saying this so much.  Way too many people have been trashing FPS's in defense of this game.  They're trying to treat Brutal Legend as it's some piece of super original, amazing, high-brow game.  It's not.  The story is great, yes.  It got me through the game twice.  But the gameplay is an undirected mish-mash of things that other games did better.  God of War did hack-n-slash character-based gameplay better.  Grand Theft Auto did open world driving better.  Command and Conquer did RTS better.  Brutal Legend is NOT original in the gameplay department.
And then people trash first person shooters, 'cause all they apparently do is indulge "twitchy" people with "itchy trigger fingers", saying that Brutal Legend "really makes you think".  I've got news, bud, if the person isn't playing a game like Painkiller or Dreamkiller or Serious Sam, they're probably thinking just as much as you are while you try to maneuver that rally flag in Brutal Legend multiplayer.   
 The RTS element of the game is poorly executed.  That's it.  And considering that makes up half of the single-player game and all of the multiplayer, that's a pretty big deal.  The game has charm, great story, good characters, but, at the end of the day, it was just done too poorly to have long-run staying power.
@Branthog:  Awesome.  +1.  I agree completely.
Posted by TzarStefan

Wow he has a high pitched voice hahaha

Posted by RobotHamster

Tim Schafer can really pull off that tux! 

Posted by Deusoma
No, actually I meant it should have been a blog post because now it's going to get pushed down to the bottom of a long list of comments on an advertising video no one is going to watch after about four months have passed, and that means your carefully crafted, well thought-out commentary, which you obviously worked hard on and has some really good points in it, is going to be lost and forgotten.  
At what point exactly did my words merit a childish comeback?
Posted by ectoplasma

I don't know what you guys have. This looks pretty sweet to me.

Posted by stinky

man this video really killed my enthusiasm to give  the game a try. 

Posted by Brackynews
@Branthog said:

"Agreed. For that matter, I'm fine with having spent $60 on a game where 50% of it really annoyed me and let me down. 

But are you.... DOUBLE Fine with it?  Eh?  Ehh?  >_>

And I can tell you, there aren't many other people I can think of that I would be fine paying $60 to for a game that I kind of felt awfully "meh" about in some regards... "

Yes it seems you are.  Jolly good.  I'm not, but I'll pick it up later around the $45 mark and get at least $30 of fun out of it.  I like to be at least two-thirds fine with my purchases.
@crusnchill said:
NOTE: Did anybody notice how much Tim Schaffer was explaining the game mechanics. If he'd of created a better game without the RTS element, he wouldn't of had to do that. "
No, but I noticed how he was explaining the game's completely crazy rock metaphors.  If he would have created a more boring game without the music element, he would not have had to do that.  I also noticed that he was dressed up as a colour commentator, officiating a match, in order to hype a product's advertisement to people that might not be familiar with the genre-bending gameplay.  Guess you missed that part.  Or were you expecting a C&C Battlecast?  Now Jack Black and Joe Kucan is a team match I would spectate.
Posted by kagekage

i would rather get more single-player DLC considering the story is the stronger point of the game.

Posted by Gregomasta

I'm interested in some unique rts gameplay, but my money is still spent by dragon age.

Posted by AURON570

So are they playing online? I think it would've been better if they recorded it splitscreen on one TV then just have the audio edited over. Seems like a good party game, but then again almost any game is fun when playing with friends.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Maybe if Schafer narrated every single match this game would be more fun but this still just looks like a crappy console RTS.


I still think this game looks solid, it's just not what people were expecting.

Mechanically I could see myself getting into the multiplayer it will just all depend on how the controls work. (from the demo, they seemed pretty good but the game does seem incredibly complex)

Posted by Phoenix87

Tim Burton + Quentin Tarantino = Tim Schafer

Posted by LiquidSwords

Let down of 2009
Posted by ArbitraryWater

I spy a Genesis, SNES and N64 under the center TV...
Oh, and if anything, the RTS gameplay of Brutal Legend is a major turn-off for me. Never was good at them...

Edited by MeatSim

This game would be a lot better if it came with Tim Schafer in tux narrating the game.

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