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The stadium as seen in Mario Kart 64 with Lakitu and Yoshi.

Wario Stadium is one of the courses that appeared in the Mario Kart series. It first appeared in Mario Kart 64 as a great course and it has a Jumbotron to show the player's progress. The course returned in the DS edition as the first course of the Special Cup and it even has its own introduction music in the single-player Grand Prix.


On the Nintendo 64 version of Wario Stadium it is possible to hop over the left wall next to the whoops that begin the course. To jump the wall, players must gather speed as they approach the first of the three short hills. By angling themselves towards the wall and pressing "R" at the apex of the hill, a player can clear the edge and skip a large portion of the course, taking the racers to the finish line faster. This allows for runs that are significantly shorter than what can be achieved without using this trick.

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