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In-game television can take two forms:  mise-en-scène or fullscreen. As an element of mise-en-scène, the television is an object of passive attention. The character or player might turn their view toward the television, but generally the audio content of the program is more important than the visual component. It can be used to deliver relevant information or merely color the scene. 
As a fullscreen program, television or movies displayed on a screen is most often a means of passing the time. It might perhaps serve as distraction, but can also be used to set a mood or establish a setting. 
The content of these programs may be original to the game or previously exist. The previously existing content also falls under the umbrella of licensed for the game or public domain material. The public domain material is more difficult to tie into the themes of the game, but establishes a connection with the real world at less cost to the developer.

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