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Get WET with Rubi. You know you want to.

Wet is a very stylish and enjoyable third person action game... once you learn have to play it. It's not something you can jump right into, it will take some time to learn how to cause some actual damage. Just remember, your survival in the game depends on how stylish your kills are. You come packing two revolvers and a sword, and an Acrobatic Slow-Mo mechanism. You cannot progress in this game even beyond the tutorial if you don't learn how to chain these three elements together. Whenever you jump, powerslide, wallrun - and pull the trigger - the slo-mo activates and you have to keep it going for as long as you can because of two things: the more damage you do in slo-mo the higher your multiplier is, and the higher your multiplier is the faster you regenerate health. It's not an easy control scheme and mechanic to learn, which makes a not very good first impression. I was disappointed, until I learned how to control Rubi properly. When I finally got how all this madness works Wet changed completely, from being a hard, uneven game - to a very enjoyable experience.
I think you can't really judge this game by picking it apart, you have to look at it as a whole. You get a sexy, hardcore chick with guns, a bunch of bad guys to shoot, slash and blow up, a grindhouse style film grain and a brilliant soundtrack. These are the parts. Separately they might not be so original or great. However, when put together they work really well. The aerial acrobatics and gunplay is very satisfying and many a times you'll go "whoah shit!". If you add the grainy, rockabilly with hints of metal soundtrack, you've got a perfect guy game. Wet is a guy game 100%. And that's good, because I can't imagine it being anything else. Wet is great doing what it does.
Unfortunately, some technical issues keep Wet from being a superb game. The graphics look very outdated and are a real disappointment. The camera will play very cruel jokes on you so don't be surprised if you die a couple of times because you ledge or pillar is blocking the entire view. And the main issue that will piss you off - the wallrun mechanics. All the other acrobatics seem to be easy to do and the controls are responsive, but wallruning can be very frustrating, especially when you have to do it in order to get to another platform. Sometimes you'll start too soon and fall into the abyss because Rubi is no Ryu Hayabusa and she can't wallrun like a ninja (meaning that the length of her wallrun seems unnaturally short). Or sometimes you'll accidentally start wallrunning when you're not supposed to, which can have fatal consequences too. 
Even though Wet fails at certain aspects it is still a very enjoyable game. It sucks you in and makes you pick up the pace thanks to a great soundtrack, good artistic design and really impressive choreography. It's probably a game that you will only play through once. But even so, it's a very classy, stylish experience that would've been perfect, if polished a little better.


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