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The game takes place in Santa Monica, CA, during the 1940's. The player takes control of Eddie Valiant, with Roger Rabbit acting as his sidekick. Players will drive through the city in Benny the Cab, entering buildings and caves to speak with people and find clues as to who framed Roger.

Pictured: Valiant, making with the funny

Throughout the game, per Judge Doom's orders, you will be hunted down by the Weasel police force. During these sequences, should you fail to evade capture, you will take part in a joke-based mini-game. During these sequences, Valiant would be responsible for finding the correct punchline to a joke that Roger has started (eg. "Where is Timbucktoo?" - "Between Timbuck One and Timbuck Three").

During the latter portions of the game, the player will be allowed to enter Toon Town, where they can continue tracking down clues to clear Roger's name, and prepare for the final showdown with Judge Doom.

Game Boy Version

The Game Boy version was developed independently by Capcom, and was a completely different game, and much more polished, casting the player as Roger Rabbit himself in what can only be called an open world adventure game. Players were tasked with hunting down items, interrogating characters, simple combat and otherwise doing wild things to get Roger out of trouble. The game featured fairly well drawn full-screen cutscenes.

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