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The Wood Man.
Wood Man is a Robot Master made by Dr. Wily first shown in Mega Man 2. He is a large robot with and impervious circle of leaves called the Leaf Shield. He is weak to Heat Man's Atomic Fire. 



 Not to be confused with the sheriff of Greenvale.
Wood Man, like all other Mega Man 2 Robot Masters, is in Mega Man 3 as a Doc Robot boss. He is substantially more imposing in this appearance, as his attacks are considerably faster.
Wood Man is a side boss in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8, fought in Search Man's stage. After being defeated, he drops a bolt which Mega Man can use at the Light Lab. 
Wood Man also makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man 10.  He is  part of the first phase of the Weapons Archive boss of the first Wily stage.  His module stand-in attacks in the exact same pattern as himself, complete with leaves that fall from the ceiling for no reason.  The module is weak to the Triple Blade, similar to the Metal Blade which Wood Man was somewhat weak to in Mega Man 2 (though the Solar Blaze would have made more sense).

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