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Mega Man 2 and II

 Mega Man 2 portrait.
Air Man generates an array of small tornadoes that practically fill his room.  He will then use his fan to push the tornadoes forward, repeat this a couple more times, and then hop to the other side of the room and repeat the pattern.  While it is impossible to completely dodge some of his tornado patterns, as long as Mega Man keeps the pressure on Air Man, he will eventually out-damage him and win.  His weakness is Wood Man's Leaf Shield, though it is really only effective at close range- the leaves will bounce harmlessly off of Air Man's tornadoes otherwise.

Mega Man 3

Air Man appears in Mega Man 3 as one of the Doc Robots.  He maintains the same pattern as before, and he is now weak to the Spark Shot.


  • Air Man is the main focus in the music video " Air Man Ga Taosenai", or "Air Man can't be Defeated", a tribute song to the Japanese version of Mega Man 2, which only had hard difficulty (as opposed to the North America version having both easy and hard), and hence at the time of release, was a very difficult game.

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