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"Ren of Heavens", as he is known, leads The Heavens gang in Beverly Hills Wharf, Aberdeen. His enforcers in the gang are Cool Z, Sam, and Larry, and he acts as an older brother to Wong, a mischeivous orphan. Ryo seeks him out for information on his revenge quest which leads to one of the longest QTE sequences in the series, going through queen street and a building in construction, ending with falling out of the building and landing on a truck. Ren agrees to travel to Kowloon with Ryo, but only because he thinks there's money to be made.
Ren is often portrayed as arrogant and abrasive, often thowing insults when the situation isn't going well (e.g. the handcuff sequence in Kowloon). He's less edgy towards Wong and Joy, and eventually strikes up a friendship with Ryo. A caring side to Ren is glimpsed at during a scene at the Moon Child Orphanage in Kowloon. An orphaned boy has some information that the pair need and will only tell if you give him a rare capsule toy. If the player, as Ryo, doesn't have the toy, Ren will produce an Afterburner II capsule toy of which the boy clearly appreciates. He plays it cool, but the scene ends with Ren sporting a subtle smile as the boy plays with the toy.
Ren is shown on numerous occassions to be very street-smart, athletic, and good in a fight. In addition to this, he can be very deceptive - Ryo and Ren flip a coin in Kowloon to decide who will break into Yuan's apartment, but since he has two double-sided coins in his posession (one heads and one tails) the player can never win the bet.

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