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Wynne is a mage and a possible companion in Dragon Age: Origins. She can be found in the Circle of Magi quest and is a great asset to the Warden's team due to her role as a healer. Throughout the story the Warden learns about Wynne, and the fact that she actually had died, and was reincarnated by a benign spirit.  In terms of personality, Wynne is the exact opposite of Morrigan, enjoying the company of others in the party and being a kind and caring soul.  She often offers advice to the Warden or makes jokes about her age. She enjoys books the Warden may find through out his or her quest as well as wine.
Once Wynne's approval is high enough the playable character can receive her character quest. After a lengthy conversation about Wynne's time with the Circle of Magi, the Warden will learn about her first apprentice and his subsequent defection from the circle. While Wynne thinks he was killed, the warden thinks there is a possibility that he might still be alive and can go in search of him.
It is also possible to play the game with Wynne as an enemy.  During the Circle of Magi quest, the player will encounter Wynne with the opportunity to allow her to join.  However, if the Warden should side with the Templars during the quest, she will turn against the party and attack.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Wynne returns with a small role in Awakening.  The Warden can find her near the Chantry in Amaranthine.  Wynne will give the Warden a quest to locate another mage in the Wending Woods.  When asked to join the Warden, Wynne will decline, saying she has business to do for the Circle.

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