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Zool 2 is the second outing of Zool, the ninja of the Nth dimension, and features similar platforming gameplay and copious amounts of Chupa Chups lollipop product placement as the original Zool. The game originated on the Amiga home computer in 1993 and later saw ports to the PC, Amiga CD32 and Atari Jaguar.

Zool 2 introduces Zool's companion Zooz, who attacks with an energy whip and acts as the alternate playable character, and Zool's dog-like pet Zoon. Zool and Zooz take alternate routes through the game's levels due to their different weaponry, and Zoon appears during the game's occasional mini-games. Zool and Zooz are tasked with taking down Krool and Mental Block, two villains who intend to rob the multiverse of its imagination.

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