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    Dragon Ball Z: Gekitou Tenkaichi Budoukai

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 29, 1992

    The pack-in game with Bandai's Datach Joint Rom System add-on for the Famicom and the first fighting game bearing the Dragon Ball license. Players scan special cards to choose their fighter and enhancement.

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    Dragon Ball Z: Gekitou Tenkaichi Budoukai (loosely translated to "Dragon Ball Z: Fierce Battle World Martial Arts Tournament") is a 2D sci-fi fantasy fighting game developed by TOSE and published by Bandai for the Famicom (as a Datach cartridge) on December 29, 1992.

    The first fighting game adaptation of the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, Gekitou Tenkaichi Budoukai is a pack-in title for Bandai's Datach Joint ROM System add-on. Instead of traditional character selection, players instead scan special trading cards (each with their own unique barcode) to choose their character.

    Similar to other barcode-based games, each compatible barcode determines not only the character chosen, but their stats. For this game, this includes the character's "skill level" (which determines their special attack), hit points (HP), battle points (BP), and defense points (DP). Some barcode cards are instead used as "item cards", which can be used between each round to boost their fighter (or handicap their opponent).

    All copies of the game (and accessory) come with 40 cards, with barcodes for all 19 playable characters (with an additional card for Super Saiyan Vegeta), 15 items, and 5 blank cards (which have no barcodes on them, intended for players to affix their own barcode on them). Not all content from the game is included with this card set, with many character stat combinations (including alternate special attacks) and items requiring custom barcodes (or cards from other Datach games). One special set of barcodes in particular are Dragon Ball cards, which reveal a secret message once all seven barcodes are found.


    The game includes 19 playable characters, some of which have alternate "transformed" versions (bringing the total roster to 29). Each character's stats and abilities are based on the barcodes used.


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