Duke Nukem II

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 03, 1993

    In this 1993 release, Duke Nukem returns for another side scrolling adventure where he must stop an alien invasion of earth.

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    Duke Nukem II Screen.
    Duke Nukem II Screen.

    The game begins with Duke Nukem being kidnapped by evil aliens during a TV interview (about his new best selling autobiography "Why I'm So Great" ). The aliens (known as Rigelatin) explains to Duke that they will drain his brain for all his knowledge and use it to plan their attack on Earth. He is offered an ultimatum of helping in their grand plan or be turned into a 'EncephaloSucker', some sort of brain eating zombie.


    Duke Nukem II is a platformer. It has 32 levels spreed across four episodes. The gameplay is simple, kill everything in your way while picking up new weapons, health items, and power ups .


    • Default weapon (Power rating: "Wimpy", Supply: Unlimited)
    • Laser (Power rating: "Heavy", Supply: 32 shots)
    • Flamethrower (Power rating: "Mondo", Supply: 64 shots) (The flamethrower can also be used as an alternative jetpack when aimed downwards)
    • Rocket launcher (Power rating: Killer, Supply: 32 shots)

    Secret Bonuses

    In each level the player can receive 7 different secret bonuses. Each bonus will add 100,000 to the score at the end of the level.

    • Destroy all the spy cameras in the level.
    • Get through the level without taking a health hit.
    • Finding every weapon on a level.
    • Getting all the merchandise in a level.
    • Destroy all the spinning guns in a level.
    • Destroy all the napalm bombs in a level.
    • Shooting all the crystal balls, and not touching them in a level.

    PC System Requirements

    • CPU: IBM or 100% compatible 286.
    • Memory: 560k of free conventional memory.
    • HDD: 5.9 Mb free harddrive space.
    • Audio: AdLib, Sound Blaster, and Sound Blaster Pro sound cards.

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