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    FIFA Soccer 08

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Sep 27, 2007

    FIFA 08 is the 2008 installment of Electronic Arts' series of football video games. It was developed by EA Canada.

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    Be A Pro

    FIFA 08 is the first game in the series that allows players to control a single 'Pro' in 'Be A Pro' mode(excluding the goalkeeper), instead of playing as a whole team of 11. The default TV style camera angle, is replaced by a third person camera angle behind their chosen Pro, this allows for a view down the pitch that would match a view seen by a real Pro, the rest of the team are controlled by the AI.

    While controlling the specific players movement and possession, the player can influence the AI players around them and also see a series of indicators on the screen to help the player.


    • Performance Bar - This small status bar at the bottom of the screen lets the player know how well they're playing. It is made up of red and green halves which move respective to how well the player is playing, for example if the player is playing quite well the bar may be 70% green with the rest showing red, if the player then makes a bad pass the red section of the bar will grow to represent the negative play. Positive plays include making complete passes, having shots, good positioning, tackling and of course scoring goals, negative plays can include misplacing passes, bad positioning and bad tackling. The bar can be hidden if the player wishes.
    • Positioning Arrow - An arrow at the feet of the player that helps the player keep in the right position respective to the position being played in, also the number of arrows represent how fast the player needs to get back into position. For example if the player is playing as a centre back, if the player strays to far up the pitch the arrows will show to tell the player to stay with the defensive line. This can be turned off.
    • Offside Flag - This is simply an offside flag that appears on-screen when the players Pro gets to near the offside line, letting the player know to run back.
    • Threat Ring - A red ring is placed beneath an opposing Pro that represents a threat, this tells the player to watch or mark that opposing Pro. This can be more than one Pro for example a defender may have two forwards to deal with. This can be turned off.


    • Call for a Pass or Cross - Players can press the pass button to 'call' for a pass from the AI team mate in possession, however this does not always guarantee the player will receive the ball, if the player is decided a bad option by the AI the 'call' will be ignored.
    • Call for a Through Pass - Similar to the call for a pass, the player has the option to 'call' for a through ball to run onto from an AI team mate, by pressing the through pass button
    • Call for a Shot - If the player decides that an AI team mate is in a good position to shoot then the player can 'tell' the team mate to take a shot on goal.
    • Call for a Second Defender - When the opposing team has possession the player can press and hold the shoot button to 'tell' an AI team mate to apply defensive pressure.

    Pro Performance

    At the end of a 'Be a Pro' match a Pro Performance screen is displayed which shows good stats such as goals, bad stats such as missed shots, preferred player, a final rating and then a performance comment.

    Be A Pro Modes

    Be A Pro: Offline Training - This mode allows players to take part in a normal match in Be A Pro mode, this is really a mode designed for practising for online play.

    Be A Pro: Online Team Play - In November 2007 EA released a patch to the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems adding the online Be A Pro mode, this allowed up to 10 players on unique consoles* to play at one time with each team having a maximum of 5 human players, the rest controlled by AI. However players can select to have a roaming role so that they can switch to what player they want to control. EA have stated that their aim is to achieve 10 v 10 online multiplayer which may be seen in FIFA 08's sequal, FIFA 09.

    *To avoid confusion the online Be A Pro mode does not allow cross platform play, eg Xbox Live users cannot play Playstation Network users.

    Game Modes

    Be a Pro is only one of many other game modes.

    • Kick Off - A quick start option, to allow the player to quickly get into a match.
    • Tournament Mode - This allows players to play through 50 real world tournaments such as the English 'FA Cup', Spanish 'Copa Del Rey' or the German 'Bundesliga'.
    • Create a Tournament - A mode in which players can create their own tournament, choosing options such as Tournament type, number of teams, suspension rule, red card match ban and number of subs allowed on the bench.
    • Manager Mode - A season style mode where you 'manage' a chosen team for a season improving both your teams stats and your own stats as a manager. You are able to deal with transfers, upgrade backroom staff to improve your teams performance, scout players and decided what sponsorship deal the team should sign. The player can either play through the matches or choose to simulate a match.
    • FIFA 08 Lounge Mode - A mode where the player can select teams for a league and can also have local multiplayer involved if they so wish. However the league point system is not the standard 3 for a win 1 for a draw, points are awarded for accomplishing things in matches, for example, 10 points for a clean sheet, the league is based on this point system. You can also get cheap shots which you can use to give your opponent a disadvantage such as 3 of their players are all ready on a yellow card or start the match at 1 - 0.
    • Challenge Mode - There are 10 different 'regions' all which have 10 or 15 'challenges' in them for the player to complete, greatly varying in difficulty. Sometimes the player can choose what team they will play as others the team is all ready decided. For example Region 1 includes the Barclays Premier League, Coca-Cola Championship, Coca-Cola League 1, Coca-Cola League 2, SPL and the FAI Eircom League, then a challenge may be to selct a team and then score a goal with a randomly selected player and win the match in regular time. It can be the classic style gameplay or use the new Be A Pro play mode.

    Leagues in FIFA 08

    The following are the leagues present in FIFA 08, as they appear in-game,  where the playable teams are correct to the start of the 07-08 season:


    • Liga Do Brasil (BRA)
    • Major League Soccer (US/CA)
    • Primera División (MEX)


    • K-League (KOR)


    • A-League (AU/NZ)


    • T-Mobile Bundesliga (AUT)
    • Belgian League (BEL)
    • Czech League (CZH)
    • SAS Ligaen (DEN)
    • Barclays Premier League (ENG)
    • Coca-Cola Championship (ENG/WAL)
    • Coca Cola League 1 (ENG/WAL)
    • Coca Cola League 2 (ENG/WAL)
    • Ligue 1 Orange (FRA/MON)
    • Ligue 2 Orange (FRA)
    • Bundesliga (GER)
    • 2. Bundesliga (GER)
    • FAI Eircom League (IRE)
    • Serie A (ITA)
    • Serie B (ITA)
    • Eredivise (NED)
    • Tippeligaen (NOR)
    • Ekstraklasa (POL)
    • Liga Portuguesa (POR)
    • SPL (SCO)
    • Primera División (SPA)
    • Liga Bbva (SPA)
    • Allsvenskan (SWE)
    • Axpo Super League (SUI)
    • Turkcell Süper Lig (TUR)

    Rest Of World

    National Teams in FIFA 08

    The following are the National Teams available in FIFA 08:


    • Cameroon
    • Nigeria
    • South Africa


    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Ecuador
    • Mexico
    • Paraguay
    • United States
    • Uruguay


    • China
    • Korea Republic


    • Australia
    • New Zeland


    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • England
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Netherlands*
    • Northern Ireland
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Republic Of Ireland
    • Romania
    • Russia
    • Scotland
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • Ukraine
    • Wales

    * Netherlands are not licensed so fictitious player names are used.


    The FIFA 08 soundtrack contains a variety of popular world music selections.

    • !!! - "All My Heroes Are Weirdos"
    • Apartment - "Fall Into Place"
    • Art Brut - "Direct Hit"
    • Aterciopelados - "Paces"
    • Babamars - "The Core"
    • Bodyrox feat. Luciana - "What Planet You On?"
    • Bonde do Rolê - "Solta o Frango"
    • CAMP - "From Extremely Far Away"
    • Carpark North - "Human"
    • CéU - "Malemolência"
    • Cheb i Sabbah feat. Imakuni? - "Toura Toura: Nav Deep Remix"
    • Cansei de Ser Sexy - "Off the Hook"
    • Datarock - "Fa-Fa-Fa"
    • Digitalism - "Pogo"
    • Disco Ensemble - "We Might Fall Apart"
    • Dover - "Do Ya"
    • Heroes & Zeros - "Into the Light"
    • Ivy Queen - "Que Lloren"
    • Clash - "Junkie XL"
    • Jupiter One - "Unglued"
    • Kenna - "Out of Control (State of Emotion)"
    • K-Os - "Born to Run"
    • La Rocca - "Sketches (20 Something Life)"
    • Lukas Kasha - "Love Abuse"
    • Madness feat. Sway and Baby Blue - "I'm Sorry"
    • Maximo Park - "The Unshockable"
    • Melody Club - "Fever Fever"
    • Mexican Institute of Sound - "El Microfono"
    • Modeselektor feat. Sasha Perera - "Silikon"
    • Noisettes - "Don't Give Up"
    • Pacha Massive - "Don't Let Go"
    • Peter Bjorn and John - "Young Folks"    
    • Planet Funk - "Static"
    • Robyn - "Bum Like You"
    • Rocky Dawuni - "Wake Up the Town"
    • Santogold - "You'll Find a Way"
    • Simian Mobile Disco - "I Believe"
    • Superbus - "Butterfly"
    • Switches - "Drama Queen"
    • The Automatic - "Monster"
    • The Cat Empire - "Sly"
    • The Hoosiers - "Goodbye Mr. A"
    • The Hours - "Ali in the Jungle"
    • The Tellers - "More"
    • Tigarah - "Culture, Color, Money, Beauty"
    • Travis - "Closer"
    • Tumi & the Volume - "Afrique"
    • Vassy - "Wanna Fly"
    • Wir Sind Helden - "Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik"
    • Yonderboi - "Were You Thinking of Me?"


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