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Fist of the North Star: 10 Big Brawls for the King of Universe is a Game Boy title released in 1990. Developed by Shouei System and published by Electro-Brain in North America, the game is based on the Fist of the North Star license. Its gameplay is focused on one-on-one battles.


In the year 199X, the world was caught in a nuclear war and covered in flames where the seas dried up, the ground itself cracked and food was scarce. In a world where law and order ceases to exist, mankind still survives.

In amidst the chaos, a man appears from the shadows of death, a dangerous man who has ability to take someone's life in a few seconds. His name is Kenshiro, and his fight as a Legendary Savior has already begun.


This game plays similar to the NES and Master System versions of Fist of the North Star, but without the exploration element. The game is more akin to an early fighting game, in that play is focused on one-on-one battles between the player and a rival CPU character or a second player.


  • A Button - High attacks
  • B Button - Low Attacks (Only for some characters)
  • Start - Pause
  • Select + A - Display stats for a fighter in the fighter slection screen.

This title features a leveling mechanic that allows the player to boost the stats of their chosen fighter. Experience points are earned as the player fights and beats the enemy. The amount of points earned depends on how quickly the enemy was defeated and how much the player lost during the battle. There are three main stats that be upgraded:

  • A button attacks
  • B Button attacks
  • Defense

Game Modes

The game features three modes of play.

Single Player

In the game's single-player mode, the player selects a character and takes down the fighters one at a time whilst leveling the character up.


A two-player mode in which players play against each other via a Game Link Cable. Both players pick a fighter and battle it out until one is victorious. Matches last one round.

Team Battle

Similar to VS mode, but instead of picking a single fighter, both players select five fighters. Each round is played just like Vs mode and ends when one fighter is defeated. Once a fighter is defeated, the player's next fighter appears and continues the fight. Whichever player defeats their opponent's five fighters is the winner.


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