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Weirdly progressive does not lag but html 5 still does on chrome.

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I had been able to watch premium streams on the browser on my LG TV until a couple of weeks ago. Since then any one you click play on just has the white loading circle spin for a few seconds and then nothing happens.

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@dornath: are you using the latest version of the chromecast?

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Hi, everyone.

I'm having problems with my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) since a few months ago. I use Chrome as my browser, and I haven't installed extensions or anything strange. I was able to watch videos a long time ago, but since a few months ago, it just says that the video is loading, and I am not even able to see the controls.

I have tried using incognito mode, and logging in and out of my premium account, but it doesn't work. All other webpages seem to work just fine, it's just the Giant Bomb videos.


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I, too, am having the Chromecast problem

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@orwellhuxzam: my current work around is to click download video and go full-screen and just cast that browser window but it's not ideal

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I'm also having the same chromecast issues @mrariscottle is having. I'm on the latest version of chromecast as well.

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@boosh said:
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This continues to be my video experience with premium videos. Stopping to buffer for quite a while 6 seconds into UPF. This was after it already happened 2 seconds in. It never smooths out. Randomly, I'll have decent premium video playback, but most days when I see this happening, I just have to give up and do something else.

Getting the same thing here. Chrome, Windows 7, amazing internet connection that never has anything else buffer like this.

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I'm also having the exact same issue with Chromecasting Premium vids to my TV. Casting the Youtube videos is fine, just the premium stuff, which is annoying.

It was working fine at the beginning of the week as I watched half the Zelda video the beast team put up, but when I went to finish it yesterday it wouldn't cast. Tried a few other premium videos and they aren't working either.

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As of last week, Giant Bomb has stopped working with my Chromecast. What happens is when I attempt to cast, the TV changes to a screen with the CAST symbol on it, but then gets stuck there. The video then plays in the normal web browser. I have attempted to start casting from both my phone (using Chrome and a Google Pixel) and from my PC (in Chrome). This seems to be happening with all Giant Bomb videos hosted by the site. Other websites seem to work normally. My IP Address is

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Just chiming in on the Chromecast issue. Both my older Chromecast and the one built into my Vizio TV no longer work with GB videos.

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Also having the same Chromecast issue. Any video I try to cast, it just loads the cast icon and nothing happens. Having to use the "cast tab" feature in the mean time

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Same issue as the Chromecast on Roku. Videos start normal and play for maybe a half hour before constantly stopping to buffer every few seconds. Currently using the GB Beta app.

Not as pressing but also the resume feature in videos only shows up on occasion.


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Ditto on the Chromecast. Haven't used it in a while, but just set it up tonight, it downloaded a bunch of updates, then I successfully watched YouTube with it. Giant Bomb doesn't work with it, though- if I use the little button in the lower right nothing happens, and if I hit the button in the upper left the TV briefly goes gray and displays the name of the video and then gives up and goes back to displaying Chromecast wallpapers. (awfully hard to use the top-left button, too, with the video playback scroll bar on top of it)