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    Self-possessed, merciless, and invincible military commander of the Valuan armada.

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    Claim to Fame

    The military commander of the Valuan armada who holds the right to command the entire Armada. Always self-possessed, he has excellent ability to command. With an Armada and Admirals full of personality under command, he is simply invincible. So merciless as to crush any enemy that resists, he is feared not only by the pirates but by nearby nations as well.

    As an opponent...

    The first time the player can fight Galcian is when Vyse and Aika arrive in Upper Valua through the sewers and see Fina boarding a railcar with Valuan soldiers around her. They jump onto the roof of the railcar as it moves in order to get to the head of it to rescue Fina. They have the misfortune of being seen by Galcian, who also jumps onto the roof of the railcar, throwing his cape to the side and drawing his sword. Luckily, Vyse and Aika can outrun the antagonist because he walks slowly towards them. The player can wait where they are or even run towards them if they so wish and will be able to fight him if he's close enough. Galcian will be invincible in this fight, so there is probably no real reason to engage him this early in the game.

    The player officially fights Galcian after he raises the continent of Soltis and destroys Valua with the Rains of Destruction. Vyse is joined by many other ships to help him take down Galcian's armada, and after Vyse manages to defeat Galcian's flagship, the Hydra, they can board the massive battleship (appropriately dubbed, "The Flying Fortress") and fight Galcian face to face.


    *these are only speculated to be S-moves because they are obviously not regular moves or magic, otherwise Vyse would be able to counterattack them with his "Counterstrike" or Aika would be able to shield against them with "Delta Shield"

    • Terminal - Galcian orders the target to "Kneel, kneel before me" as he appears above the Hydra. He charges his sword before crashing through many ships and eventually hitting the selected target creating a large explosion and inflicting a lot of damage. Targets one member of the party.
    • Neglora - Ice covers the ground underneath everyone and abruptly shatters. It deals a truly pathetic amount of damage, but it removes any and all beneficial effects on members of the party. Targets all members of the party.
    • Devolver - Galcian slices the air with his sword, making an "X" shape. He stabs the ground, and states "Attack me if you dare!" Flames then surround him before he takes his sword out of the ground as blue flames surround the blade. Galcian will guard against all attacks and counter normal attacks. Benefits him.

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