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    A bright, ever-cheerful girl, who trusts and takes action with Vyse at any time.

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    Character Biography

    "You coward! What kind of a commander sacrifices his own men and his ship to run from a fight? Well, even though he was a coward, he was a coward with gold..." -- Aika, mocking Alfonso

    When Aika was very young, she was orphaned and later adopted by Vyse's parents until she was old enough to take care of herself. She is seen currently living in her family's old home. Vyse once mentions that when Aika was very young, she had fallen into the well in Pirate Isle, so he rescued her. Aika was so traumatized from the fall that she never learned how to swim as a consequence. Aika also mentions that she feels guilty for Vyse receiving a certain scar when they were younger in a fight with Piastol. She was aboard the Aquila when it was in flames, and thinking it was a rescue mission, had not brought her weapon with her. She encountered Piastol for the first time, and the girl threw a knife at her. Vyse had jumped in the way and took the hit instead. Even though she blames herself, he tells her not to worry about it.

    Aika is seen at the very beginning of the game with Vyse and is playable from the start of the game. In the end, they will both end up sailing together with Fina.

    Personality/Interests/Trivial Information

    Straightforward and frank, she will clearly say what she likes and what she doesn't like. Even her pirate friends admire her agility and skill with her boomerang. Aika loves treasure, and she is sometimes compared to a cat because of her mischief, speed, and how she steals what she likes. Aika also loves food, which is shown in her comment and wish to eat the exotic fruits they may find in Ixa'Taka. Aika probably gets into trouble a lot too; Vyse overhears her talking in her sleep and laughs to himself, ("What...? No...I didn't steal anything... What are you talking about...?")

    Aika can't swim because of the event mentioned previously. Aika also doesn't like ghosts, cockroaches, and dirty old men. The latter is evident when the high priest, Isapa, makes comments on her body when her group has to rescue him. The other, more famous example would be Vigoro's unwanted and unrelenting lust after her. Gilder also shows an interest in her, but Aika thinks that he's just flirting. His advances also seem less disgusting and dangerous than the other two men. Aika's hobby appears to be drawing, and her strength is in cooking, which is appropriate and complements her love of food.


    Aika is not as strong as Vyse, but stronger than Fina usually. Her magic is not as good as Fina, but it's better than Vyse, so that makes Aika a middle ground-like character. Her S-moves are very useful in the beginning of the game to destroy large amounts of weak enemies, but will not be used as much later when Vyse learns Rain of Swords because Vyse's S-move is stronger than Lambda Burst and is not fire-oriented.


    • Alpha Storm (requires one moonberry to learn) - Aika says "Back off" as she twirls her boomerang and yells "Alpha Storm!" as a line of fire shoots from her weapon and attacks a line of enemies. Attacks a "line" of enemies. It requires four SP to use.
    • Delta Shield (requires one moonberry to learn) - Aika goes "Haaa...!" as she gathers energy in her weapon, then she puts her weapon in front of her and says "Delta Shield!" while some bubble-like shields appear around her and her allies. It protects them from magic spells for one turn, but also prevents allies from casting magic on themselves as well. Benefits all members of the party. It requires two SP to use.
    • Lambda Burst (requires two moonberries to learn) - Aika raises her boomerang and lets it levitate around her while it glows in a fiery way as she commands, "Fire consume my enemies!" Then she yells "Lambda Burst" as the boomerang flies off and the ground starts to break and flames appear. It attacks all enemies with moderate fire damage. Improved version of Alpha Storm as it is not restricted to a line of enemies; it requires eight SP to use.
    • Epsilon Mirror (requires two moonberries to learn) - Aika jumps up as light surrounds her, then says "Moons protect me! Epsilon Mirror!" before she gets coated with metal. Aika is invulnerable for one turn, and she heals ten MP. Benefits her. It requires ten SP to use.
    • Omega Psyclone (requires four moonberries to learn) - Aika says, "Here goes!" as she throws her boomerang up. She jumps up to catch it and says "Ha!" A ring of fire surrounds all enemies, as the ground breaks, and they are seen on a piece of land floating in lava. She yells, "Haaa...Omega Psyclone!" and attacks them by throwing multiple boomerangs that explode into a giant fire ball. It attacks all enemies with high fire damage. Improved version of Lambda Burst; it requires twelve SP to use.

    Interestingly, Aika's S-moves have the names of the letters of the Greek Alphabet in them. Her moves are also fire-oriented because she utilizes the powers of the Red Moon. Aika will also learn magic that uses the powers of the Red Moon much more quickly than the other party members.

    Aika is the only playable character to equip boomerangs. Here is a list of weapons that she can use:

    • Boomerang (default weapon)
    • Leather Crescent (bought at Pirate Isle)
    • Throwing Blade (bought at Sailor Isle)
    • Valuarang (can be bought in Lower Valua)
    • Scout Wing
    • Dancing Arc
    • Storm Wing
    • Hunting Arc
    • Grendel Wing (obtained after defeating the Green Gigas, Grendel)
    • Skywing
    • Wing of Hope
    • Yin Wing
    • Ice Splitter (found in the Ruins of Ice)
    • Flutter Blade
    • Moon Wing
    • Hydra Wing (can be given by Maria's bird or dropped by an enemy on the Hydra)
    • Swirlmerang (given to Aika after defeating Anita in the bounty)

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