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    Easy-going Pirate in chase of "excitement". He also escapes from a certain Blue Rogue by the name of Clara, who's obsessed with him.

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    "Women are like sunsets...they're beautiful, but there will be a different one tomorrow." --Gilder

    Captain of the Pirate ship "Claudia", with free life as his motto. He wanders the skies in search of vast treasure, beautiful women, and "excitement". One can easily see him as light-spirited man, cracking jokes at any occasion. But in reality, even the other Pirates and Valuan Forces recognize his skills.


    Gilder is pretty famous for his excellent accuracy which is on par with Aika's. Of course, that's not to say he never misses every now and depends on the weapon that he is equipped with. With a Marksman Gun, Gilder's accuracy is two hundred and forty, which is the same as Aika with a Swirlmerang, probably the highest in the game.


    • Gunslinger (requires one moonberry to learn) - Gilder wields two guns for some reason as he appears with a red background, music playing ominously. His glasses shine, and he says, "C'mon..." before raising his guns. He finishes, " for me." and shoots the selected targets down with both guns. It damages enemies in a straight line, much like Aika's "Alpha Storm" or some magic spells under the yellow moon. Targets a "line" of enemies. It requires nine SP to use.
    • Aura of Denial (requires two moonberries to learn) - Gilder mocks, "Your petty little tricks won't work on us!" as he throws a sparkly ball of energy up into the air. He aims his gun up and shoots it, making the screen white out. When the picture returns, sparkly shields surround the party. It protects the party from negative effects, and only negative effects. Benefits all members of the party. It requires three SP to use.
    • The Claudia (requires four moonberries to learn) - The flag of the Claudia takes up the screen as Gilder says, "Hmph!" He somehow appears on his ship, The Claudia, as he sails the sky no matter what environment the party was previously in... The flaps on the side of his ship open up to reveal her cannons. Gilder steers the ship a little as he declares, "You mess with me, you mess with Claudia!" as he signals the ship to fire. The cannon fire then rains down on the enemies. Targets all enemies. It requires sixteen SP to use.

    Gilder is the only playable character that can equip pistols or guns. Here is a list of pistols and guns that he can use:

    • Gilder's Own (default weapon)
    • Nasr Pistol (bought in Nasrad)
    • Daccat Custom
    • Valuan Pistol
    • Gilder Special
    • Marksman Gun (enemy drop or received from Maria's bird)
    • Warrior's Pistol

    Trivial Information/Personality/Interests

    Gilder is thirty-two years old. It goes without saying that he loves women (has pictures of them all over his office in the Claudia. Come to think of it, the name of his ship "Claudia" reflects how much he loves women), treasure, adventure, and thrills. Because he likes adventure so much, it's not so surprising that his hobby is gambling. Because he's such a smooth talking kind of guy, it's also not a surprise that womanizing is one of his strengths. Since he loves women, he has been around the block, but he's never found true love. Of course, because of his nature to do things without restrictions, he doesn't see the point in settling down just yet, especially not with Clara.

    There's a running gag about how Clara persistently pursues him. Whenever he hears that she's around, he'll try to make a break for it.


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