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Valua is a totalitarian empire from Skies of Arcada and it's remake. Their goal is to collect the Moon Crystals to unleashed the Gigas, a group of all powerful monsters sealed to the Moon Crystals and who will carry out all commands by it's summoner. 
They are led by Empress Teodora I, and the 5 admirals. They are extremely powerful, and ruthless. The Valuan Armada raids other lands and ships usually, attempting to gain power over the entire world. 


At the beginning of the game, a Valuan ship, the Albatross is attacked and raided by Blue Rouges. Vyse and Aika go through the ship to find Alfonso, a rude and dishonorable Valuan admiral killing off his assistant as a cover story for being robbed. Instead of fighting the pirates himself, he sends a beast called Antonio to fight them. Antonio is quickly defeated and Alfonso makes his escape. They also rescue and mysterious girl named Fina.
In retaliation to this raid, the army of Valua finds Pirate Isle, and lays waste to it. They kidnap Fina, and take Vyse's father Dyne and his crew to be executed. Vyse and Aika leave to save him, later joined by Drachma, who has interest in finding a weapon known as the "Harpoon Cannon". They spend time in the 2 sides of Valua. The Lower City that is poor and dystopian, and the Upper City, which all of the citizen's are extremely rich and spoiled.  
They eventually defeat the executioner and save the blue rouges, and well as Fina in front of everyone, giving hope to the Lower City. 
The old Valua is crushed when Galcian, along with Ramirez decide the time has come to put their ultimate plan into action, and take over the world by themselves. Alfonso and the Empress are both killed when this happens.   
After Galcian and Ramirez are defeated by the blue rouges, Enrique intends to rebuild Valua, giving it a brighter future.

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