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    God of War: Ghost of Sparta

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 02, 2010

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta bridges the gap between the first and second God of War, and is the second entry for the franchise on the PSP platform.

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    The game will pick up where the first God of War left off, detailing the events that followed after Kratos seized the throne of Ares to become the God of War himself. It takes place throughout many portions of Atlantis and deals with just how it came to ruins. Story will be expanded on Kratos' origins and reveal the background on the lost city of Atlantis(which was briefly mentioned by Poseidon in God Of War 3). Kratos also has a run in with King Midas as well as the Scylla. The game will also tell us how Kratos got his scar and tattoo as it fills in the anti-hero's "dark past" while he proves his worth to the Gods.

    It has also been revealed that for the 1st time in the trilogy we will see Kratos' brother, Deimos.


    When a player earns the Platinum trophy in God of War III t hey are directed to, which featured an animation of rain continuously falling on the ground with an upside down "V" in the corner. When the game was officially announced, the animation later changed a picture of Kratos staring into a large pool of water, looking at his reflection.


    The game picks up right after the first game, Kratos killed Ares and was granted his throne, thus becoming the new God of War. The vision still haunting him, Kratos goes to Athena asking why. When Athena tells him not to dive deeper into the past, he refuses to listen and goes to the Temple of Poseidon in the city of Atlantis. In order to stop him, Poseidon unleashes Scyilla. The fight between Scyilla and Kratos was so massive that the entire city was in shambles. Once he reaches the temple he is shocked to see his dieing mother there, he then asked what happened to his brother. She explained to him that he was taken away instead of what she told him long time ago, an oracle foretold that a marked warrior from Sparta will be the downfall of the Gods. Since Deimos had birthmarks on him, he was the one so they took him away. His mother also whispered into his ear who his father really is, then right after that his mother is transformed into a beast and Kratos is forced to battle and kill her. Kratos always meets Thera the titan, who he frees which in the end leads to the downfall of Atlantis.

    Kratos heads to Sparta and on the way he fights and defeats Erinys, when he reaches Sparta he sees visions of him and his brother practicing with a spear and shield and then we find out who took Deimos to be locked away. It was Ares and Athena, when Kratos tried to stop Ares from taking away Deimos, Ares hit him over his eye thus getting iconic scar he has over the right eye. Athena step in before Ares could do more damage, hence sparing his life and causing the down fall of the Gods. Kratos receives the Arms of Sparta from a solider who looked after it till he returned.

    Kratos then heads to Death domain in order to rescue his brother from Thanatos, when he finally reached and freed him. Deimos attacked Kratos blaming him because he did not save him when he was taken away. Thanatos stopped the fight taking Deimos to Suicide Bluff, the start and end of the first game, and threw Deimos off the edge. Kratos ran and pulled him up, then gave him the Arms of Sparta and together fight Thanatos. Thanatos kills Deimos causing Kratos to become enraged and gain Thera's fire for an unlimited amount thus killing Thanatos, After the fight the grave digger is seen put Deimos and his mother into a grave with a third one empty and he said "Two down and only one more left." which could be referring to Kratos. Athena comes to Kratos to calm him down and he finally remembers Athena was there as well and asked why she did not try to stop Ares. This causing Kratos to become enraged and seek revenge against the Gods, after the credits roll you see Kratos in God Amour and he is very angry.


    In this version of the game, you get two weapons to use:

    Blades of AthenaGiven the blades at the end of the first game as the Blades of Chaos was taken away by Ares during the final boss fight.

    Arms of Sparta

    Given to Kratos when he returns to Sparta by a solider. It is a spear and shield which players are able to move and attack at the same time.


    Eye of Atlantis

    Similar to Poseidon's Rage but instead of an area of effect. You hold an item in your hand and lighting shooting straight down in front of you.

    Scourge of Erinys

    Received after beating Erinys, a small dark hole appears and floats towards the enemy with the most health and attacks it. It drags other enemies towards the void as well as giving you health orbs.

    Horn of Boreas

    A horn attached to a chain which Kratos swings around him causing a typhoon around him, then he slams the horn to the ground which freezes the enemies in the typhoon

    Thera's Bane

    Similar to Rage of the Titans but instead of having fire around him, there is fire around the blades thus making the attacks more powerful.

    Limited Edition PSP Bundle

    PSP Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack
    PSP Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta is getting it's own Limited Edition PSP package for $199.99, which comes with:


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