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    Kage-Maru is a Shinobi from the Virtua Fighter series. As a ninja his main characteristic is speed but also has a decent amount of power in his hits.

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    Kagemaru is one of Virtua fighters staple characters, having debuted in the first game, and appeared in every game since.

    Kage is a ninja whose clan was attacked by the Justice 6 syndicate, and his mother abducted and later turned into the cyborg known as "Dural". Over the course of the series, he has pursued Dural, successfully brought her home and gone someway towards reverting her back to normal, only to eventually see her completely succumb to the cyborg process and forget her old self.

    As a playable character, Kage is a particularly fast and athletic fighter, having many acrobatic moves as well as a generally high turn of speed. His most recognisable attackis probably his Ten Foot Toss which sees him grab an opponent, roll onto his back and launch them high into the air, where he can allow the fall to injure them or follow it up with a combo before they land.


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