Characters who perform Piledrivers (Izuna Drops or similar moves)

It's a scientific fact that any character who performs a piledriver or an izuna drop is the best character in the game.  Not just wrestlers perform them, ninja's seem to have an affinity for them too.

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  • The spinning piledriver was perfected by this man. Special time with Hanzo is as such: If he likes you, he merely piledrives you, crushing your head into the ground. If he doesn't like you, he'll break your arm before whisking you away into the big blue sky, and when your air travel ends, you'll catch fire from the impact of the return trip.

  • The dude can SUPLEX (piledrive) a train... how can you beat that?

  • Not technically a piledriver, Max has the most powerful attack in Streets of Rage2, the frightening "Atomic Drop" (more of a backbreaker, but still AWESOME). Nothing beats the satisfying CRACK! associated with taking down the lowest of the low or the highest of the high.

  • He's got a couple piledriver-style moves; that's double plus good.

  • Galford has been known to create a mirror image of himself in order to make a piledriver less strenuous on himself. It's bad enough when one blonde ninja Izuna Drops you, but two simultaneously is a killer. Sometimes Galford is too tired to piledrive his enemy, and thus, cause a lightning/plasma strike upon impact. When fatigue sets in, he just has his faithful pup Poppy pummel, kick, maul, and finally piledrive you while he takes five.

  • Soul Calibur's Yoshimitsu has been known to piledrive a foe or two. And if he's in the right spot, he can add insult to injury by piledriving AND ringing out his opponent simultaneously!

  • Being a fancy ninja, performs the Izuna Drop rather than the textbook version of the piledrive. Ryu is too good to go to the effort of manually picking up his enemy and launching into the air with them. Instead, he knocks them into the air and then turns into tree-leaves in order to float up to his enemy (now in midair) so that he can enjoy the ride down.

  • It's technically Burning Batsu who performs his version of an Izuna Drop.

  • Galuda is extremely dangerous at close range when he's powered up since he can quickly and easily grab you for a quick slam, doing about half damage to your health

  • A lot like Zangief in appearance, Haggar piledrives baddies for the good of the common man.

  • Strider can be seen doing an Izuna Drop in Marvel vs. Capcom.

  • The lightning fast Guy can slam you before you realize it

  • This masked weirdo likes to fly around before grabbing his foe.

  • King has a few Piledriver tricks up his sleeve. What do you expect from a cat-headed wrestler dude.

  • Another canine who can Izuna drop with the best of them. He and Poppy (Galford's dog) should team up.

  • If you have to get destroyed, Morrigan at least makes it a beautiful trip.

  • He does have a bird head... who better to fly into the air for a piledriver.

  • Nagase likes to piledrive like Hattori Hanzo, just slower and in 3D

  • Not familiar with this guy but I know enough to add him to this list.

  • Upgrading his lightsaber combos eventually allow you to perform a Izuna Drop thanks to the force.

  • While not technically a piledrive or Izuna Drop, Kratos performs a nasty air slam to at least one enemy in God of War 2. If fighting a Satyr, I recommend using the Icarus Wing enemy-launch move (L1 plus X) followed by an air throw (circle) as an example.