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    Rock Lee

    Character » appears in 48 games

    Self proclaimed "Handsome devil of the leaf!" and "Konoha's beautiful green beast", this young shinobi is highly proficient at hand-to-hand taijutsu. Don't be fooled by his bushy-brow!

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    Rock Lee is known for his mastery of the Taijutsu  technique.  Lee mastered this technique because he is unable to perform any type of Ninjutsu or Genjustsu techniques.  He always wears leg weights so he can be constantly building his strength.  Lee can move at inhuman speeds when he takes his weights off.

    Lee is on team Guy along with his teamates Hyuuga Neji and TenTen.  Lee has modeled his hair style and clothes after his idol and sensei, Might Guy. In the manga Rock Lee along with his teammate Ten-Ten became Chunin after the 2.5 year timeskip.


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