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    The Bruce Lee Game Character

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    Characters who are influenced and clearly modeled after the late Jeet Kune Do Master, Bruce Lee.

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    Bruce Lee, a highly skilled martial artist that became famous worldwide through a career in martial arts films, has likewise influenced numerous video game franchises. The games associated with this concept have a character that fights using Jeet Kune Do, an art that Lee himself created. Numerous characters have also been designed to look and sound like Lee to the point that they are thinly-veiled clones of him.


    • Marshall Law - Law of the Tekken series has many costumes which look just like character's in Bruce Lee's movies, including the famous yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death. Also the chest scar resembles the claw scars on Bruce Lee's chest from the film Enter the Dragon. Although his fighting style is listed as "Martial Arts", it is acknowledged that he uses Jeet Kune Do as well as other martial arts because Jeet Kun Do is not considered a strict style, taking many styles into itself.
    • Forrest Law - Forrest Law, also from the Tekken series is Marshall Law's Son. He replaced his father as a playable character in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament. Forrest is seen practicing Jeet Kun Do and dressed as Bruce Lee was in movies.
    • Maxi - from the Soul Calibur series. He wields nunchaku, which Bruce Lee would often wield in his films. In Soul Calibur IV, Maxi shouts "Rising Dragon of the Zodiac" when performing his Critical Finish, which looks eerily similar to Lee's Flying Dragon Kick.
    • Fei Long - Fei Long From the Street Fighter Series is a Virtual Homage to Bruce. Fei is modeled after Bruce Lee and makes sounds like Lee did. His background story includes him being an up and coming martial arts action star. In the original American arcade release of Super Street Fighter II after battle Fei Long's message is "There could never be another legend like the great one and his son.", speaking of the late Bruce Lee and his late son Brandon Lee.
    • Liu Kang - Liu Kang of the Mortal Kombat franchise looks and sounds like Bruce Lee. His fighting style is also very similar to Jeet Kune Do.
    • Jann Lee - Jann Lee of the Dead or Alive series while having an appearance modeled after Bruce Lee, also fights using Jeet Kune Do.
    • Kim Dragon - Kim Dragon of the World Heroes is modeled after Bruce Lee.
    • Might Guy - Guy/Gai Sensei of the Naruto anime/manga/video games, wails just like Bruce Lee when he fights. His dressing style and fighting style are heavily influenced by Bruce Lee.
    • Rock Lee- Rock Lee of the Naruto anime/manga/video games is heavily influenced by his master Guy Sensai and dresses and fights exactly like him, which is influenced by Bruce Lee.
    • Hitmonlee - Hitmonlee from Pokemon fights with flying kicks. It's name can be broken up as 'hit', 'monster', and 'lee'. Perhaps a pun on "monster that hits like Bruce Lee."
    • Lee Sin - Lee Sin from League of Legends is a character whose signature moves are a flying kick towards a target and his ult, Dragon's Rage, which knocks enemies away from him. He has a purchasable skin called Dragon Fist Lee Sin that features a kung fu-style jacket with a glowing dragon logo.

    Characters who fight using Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do style


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