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MadWorld: It Tries, But Not Enough for An A for Effort 0

Perhaps I came into MadWorld with the wrong expectations. Although it's the first game to be released by PlatinumGames, I had hope that it would be enjoyable given the developer's pedigree. After all, many of the prominent members worked for Capcom's Clover Studio, who happened to produce several games during the last generation I still remain fond of to this day. I thought that with that experience behind it, MadWorld couldn't go especially wrong, even if it was experimental to some extent. To ...

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See you in Hell, Jack! 0

MadWorld is a game that I've been following for quite a while, and my general anticipation for it has been fluctuating all along. A first glance suggested that it would offer tons of style and personality, yet it remained to be seen how the gameplay would back up that initial impression. The result simultaneously hit all my hopes and fears, as MadWorld has a great presentation, but lacks the substance to have any lasting appeal.The main thing that MadWorld lacks is pure content. This is a crimin...

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The Wii's first 2009 Must Have title 1

  It's always depressing walking through the Wii section at a store. Seeing dozens of games like M & M's Fucking Kart Racing Extravaganza, and a voluminous amount of low-budget games from companies we've never herd of. For the hardcore gamer like you and I who accidentally bought a Wii, and having it sit in the dark corner of the room below your Vetrex, to the right of your Amiga collecting large amounts of dust, we don't have titles coming out on the regular bases. Yes, you can play Wii Fit...

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Life is pain. 0

I stand at the top of a castle, a trio of werewolves bearing down on me. As the first charges, I dodge the attack with a backflip and rev up my chainsaw, running the blade lengthwise up the creature's body. The werewolf splits in half and vibrant blood stains the walls and floor. As the remaining enemies rush forward, I wrench a lightpost from the ground and shove it through the first wolf's head, then sling his floundering body onto a large spike protruding from the ground. I grab the final ene...

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DiMaggio: Expect your eyes to burn a little on Sundays. 0

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a group of terrorists completely took over a modern day city, cut it off from the rest of the world completely, and infected everyone inside with a deadly virus?  Did you ever then think about what would happen if that city became the grounds for a brutal game where contestants are awarded points for each person they kill, based on how bloody and crazy the death is?  Seems like a pretty ridiculous scenario, but that's what the people at Platinum Games ...

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Who would win: Jack v. Kratos? 0

I was excited at the prospect of MadWorld because it showed the hope for a more diverse line up of games for the Wii.  I have not been disappointed.  I am only a few hours in, but MadWorld has been entertaining in the same way that God of War was entertaining . . . o.k. maybe a bit less.  The fighting seems much less directed than in GoW.  You have more freedom with your opponents and their demise by being able to drag them to a near-by structure to impale them with.  But the depth of the quick ...

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Mad fun, except for the repetitive stress injury 0

Crossposted with my site New release Madworld for the Nintendo Wii: It’s Sin City meets The Running Man meets Escape From New York. What more do you need to know? Well, you should probably know it’s actually just kind of mediocre and occasionally dull, more like The Spirit meets The 6th Day meets Escape From L.A. Anyway, Madworld is a blood-soaked, profanity-laden, super stylish action game for everybody’s favorite family-friendly game console. Before I got my hands on it, I ha...

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MadWorld's style-over-substance approach falls flat 0

"Hey guys, check out my sweet goggles." Style. That’s a word you’ll see pretty often in regards to Platinum Games’ MadWorld. It’s not an unfair assessment, given the game’s cel-shaded comic book aesthetic. Not surprising either, since Platinum Games was founded by several key members of the now defunct Clover Studio, the guys responsible for Okami and the Viewtiful Joe series. But those titles also brought substance and innovation to the table. So the question bec...

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Jack… Jack… He’s a psycho-maniac! 1

I don’t own a Wii but this is the first game I have played that has made me want to purchase that system. I rented this from the local video store and shared playing it with one of my friends who has a Wii. Finally got him to pop that Wii Sports game out of the machine since he bought it.  He was pretty surprised after the mature rated game really got going. First off I love the music and look of the game, black and white with the blood contrasting in red really made me think of Frank Miller and...

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At First There's Some Fun to Be Had Here, But It Quickly Get Old. 0

Red, white, and black. Those are the three colors you will see when playing MadWorld. Red being all the blood and guts you're going to spill while playing this game. No, there aren't actually guts, because this is a Wii game, and the blood doesn't look like blood at all, which, if the game was on an HD console you would probably be shouting and hooting even more and the hilariously violent, but extremely unlikely, sins you commit as the main protagonist, Jack. Jack, a brutal badass motherf*cker ...

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A Side Order of Blood with your Stylish Guts? 0

 The Nintendo Wii has been somewhat devoid of anything good lately. Oh sure, a flash in the pan like Zack and Wiki and No More Heroes comes around now and again, but nothing with great longevity has graced the system from a third party developer since Boom Blox. Sega, hoping to capture a niche market on the system, is trying to take up the mantle in hardcore, mature games for the Wii, a market in itself that is fairly bare. Games like House of the Dead: Overkill, the upcoming Conduit, and Madwo...

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MadWorld 0

Before I say anything: YES, this is the most violent game on the Wii, and NO, it is not the best by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine my surprise when an extremely hyped, cool looking game gets passed by the Australian censorship board without a single cut. And we're talking about some really extreme violence. Whatver the reason for its secure passage through the Ratings Board, now we can all enjoy and pick the faults of of Madworld, a shallow vapid actioner that entertains due to sparklin...

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Hardcore 0

I heard that Madworld was for the seasoned gamer like myself. What I found was a mindless beat-em up, with the same "waggle your right while moving with your left" as the majority of 3rd person over the shoulder wii games. The problem is that I'm not looking for another game that cotrols like zelda, but has the F word and a lot of blood. The graphics are actually pretty good, and it pulls of the Black, White and Red of Sim City or Grendel. The sound mix is abysmal, and I had to adjust the levels...

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Its a Mad World. 0

Its a very Mad World, in which a game show has become the talk of the town, a very bloody bloody game show which is on Channel 86. So the game begins, and you see a guy get his face beat in, then you see a badass named Jack  with a cig beat the living hell outta this guy, then gets a sponsor and so the game begins. This game is a great showing for the 3rd Party Wii support, having everything you would want, like ramming signs into people's head, then burning then, throwing them into a "rose bush...

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Am I too old for this? 0

Sega had high expectations for Madworld. Madworld can be bought in most UK game outlets for a less than a tenner. For such high profile game as Madworld this is a low price. Unfortunately it represents the overall quality as well.  Madworld falls under beat-em up category. The violence is extreme and more creative and brutal one is the more rewards are given. Creativity can be shown by creating kill combos such as piercing a traffic sign or two through opponents head and gorging the body wi...

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BLOOD, GORE AND VIOLENCE ON THE WII?..... NEVER!!!It's become common knowledge that the Nintendo Wii is the home of family friendly videogaming, Nintendo's decision to aim for a younger and non-gamer audience as been a right one, for it's made the Wii one of the most successful consoles ever. It's without doubt that the little white box as it's share of forgettable titles for such gamers as myself, but even I cannot deny that there is a true charm to be found if the right ingredients are all in ...

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MadWorld Review 0

This is Sega's attempt at trying to show how ultra violent games can appear on the Wii, if only publishers are willing to put it on that console. You will be playing a 3rd Person beat'em up game, where the object of the game is to eliminate your opponents as well as making it very colorful in how you do it. The graphics are the true strong point of this game. It feels like an old school black and white comic, where the only color is red, or the blood that will be getting spread around the level....

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Madworld delivers, but is that what we wanted? 0

I picked up Madworld on a whim, on some ill-concieved notion that Nintendo needed me to support their hardcore market while they took money baths up in Washington. I had read about Madworld sure, and had read nothing but good impressions. But like No  More Hereos, Madworld left me questioning whether a super bloody game is the type of mature experience the Wii has been lacking.Madworld is without a doubt a very good looking game, one that couldn't have been pulled off any better on another syste...

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MadWorld 0

If you like artistic games, that have almost no story and are brawlers, well your in for a treat. MadWorld is a fun fast paced brawler that takes violence to a whole new level. It’s crazy insane and at times gruesome, but not in a bad way. It’s short, clocking in a finishing time around 5 hours, but for this type of game it feels right to have such a short play through. You play this type of game for too long it gets boring and repetitive, and you just get tired of it. It’s interesting enough wi...

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Less than the sum of its parts. 0

I really wanted to love this game. The Sin City art style, the over-the-top violence, the chainsaw attached to hero Jack's arm. It came close, but it eventually felt samey, even boring.The first few levels of MadWorld are brilliant. Not because they're especially better than the later ones (there are actually far more interesting levels later on), but because it's still new and interesting at that point. Slamming enemies onto spike walls, ramming signposts through their heads, and hurling them i...

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One giant BLOODGASM! 0

 Madworld… a game shrouded by controversies, I wanted to buy this game at release but then I decided to wait till it got cheaper… I'm glad I did. I bought this game for $9.99 and it is one of the best $9.99 I've ever spent. As you might have known this game is a 3D Beat Em Up, a very stylized one at that. It's Black and White and Red all over with a bit of Green and Yellow thrown in the mix. I'll start with the story.Story 8/10The story in this game is really and I do mean really good. Yo...

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Fun...for a while 0

 I've finally had a chance to play this game. And as it is clear, the game has some faults. It is an amazing game, but it only works in short doses. Play more than an hour at a time and you will get tired of it. Stick to one area at a time and you'll have a blast.Madworld is another of the "dystopian bloodsport game" series, popularized by Smash TV (and performed excellently, but without great sales, by The Club). You are Jack and you are on Deathwatch, seeking to replace the people ranke...

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Worth dusting off your Wii for? 0

The latest in shockingly violent games for the Wii is MadWorld. Will this one have the hardcore gamers dusting off the Wii? You may be as surprised as I was when I first started the game to discover there is an actual story. It’s not entirely just a mindless run through of various arenas going for the high score which I thought the game would pretty much be. You’ll play as Jack (just Jack) whose agenda is unclear as to why he entered the DeathWatch games. You’ll be treated to some neat twists ...

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A great game to rent 0

Madworld is a very entertaining beat em up brawler with a uniqe visual style.  I really did not have high expectations going in but i was suprised by the pure fun of beatin' dudes and the solid boss battles with awesome, over the top finishing moves.  I also have to admit that the story didn't suck at all.  Even though it is not at all original, it still captured my interest.  I also found the commentators frequently hilarious.  For wii owners interested in mature action games, i definitley reco...

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nice and bloody, too bad this damn food cart is in the way 0

simply put i enjoyed the mindless piles of bloody signpost-through-head gags.  if you get a kick out of watching faceless ninjas get their asses handed to them by a burly gears of war type character, this game is for you.  i thought i would get bored after about half an hour of watching this cyborg man destroy the bones and blood vessels of these morons (seriously, if a guy has his arm replaced by a mechanical version with the special chainsaw add-on, he means business, run.)  but there was some...

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