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    Magna Bonum

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    Magna Bonum is a capitol city on the planet of Tartarus. A major defensive maneuver was staged by the entrenched Blood Ravens against the invading Ork tide.

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    The Blood Ravens defense of Magna Bonum
    The Blood Ravens defense of Magna Bonum
    The Orks, lead by Warboss Orkamungus, had launched a successful Waagh on the Planet Tartarus. The Ork forces had overwhelmed Colonel Carus Brom and the Tartarus 37th Imperial Guard Regiment. During the battle for the space port, Brother Captain Gabriel Angelos and the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens Space Marines made planet fall.

    The Blood Ravens acquired a few small tactical victories early on. Captain Angelos and his Space Marines took back the space port and the water works with a couple of tactical operations. The battle that would change the momentum of battle on Tartarus was the defense of Magna Bonum.

    Under Siege (Spoilers Below)


    The Imperial Navy and the Blood Ravens’ Battle Barge ‘The Litany of Fury’ wrestled back control of the space around Tartarus from the Orks. Unfortunately, the amount of Ork manpower and supplies that had reached planet side was more than adequate to lay waste to Planet Tartarus.

    The Imperial citizens flee to the cities to escape the green tide of Orks. The Blood Ravens and the Imperial Guard concentrate their forces at the Capitol City of Magna Bonum to entrench themselves against the renewed momentum of the main Ork offensive.


    Brother Captain Angelos entrenches the Imperial Forces against the onslaught of the Ork Waagh. The Space Marines Force Commander has Colonel Brom concentrate the Imperial Guard at Magna Bonum to establish a defensive line while the Blood Ravens prepare to launch a counter attack.

    Gabriel orders Brother Matiel and 2nd squad to shore up the buildings near the market streets. Brother Tanthias and 9th squad shores up the Southern Flank and sets up the heavy bolter turrets. The Blood Ravens executes protocols with textbook efficiency and precision.

    Isador’s Protest

    Brother Librarian Isador Akios always preferred direct action. Isador voiced his objections to Gabriel’s choice to defend the capitol city. The Company Librarian believed that the Space Marines should be on the attack, not wait for the Orks to attack.

    Captain Angelos was a staunch follower of the Space Marines rulebook the Codex Astartes. The Orks’ battle prowess and offensive momentum would give them a distinct advantage on open ground. The Codex Astartes dictates a defensive action. After Gabriel reminded Isador of the Space Marines official protocol, the Librarian differed to Gabriel’s decision.

    Wayward Machine Cult

    After silencing the Ork Artillery and shoring up the city, Captain Gabriel and the Blood Ravens were able to mount an offense. The speed at which the Orks were able to siege the city was amazing. The Orks had already set up encampments within Magna Bonum’s city limits, and to truly secure the city those encampments needed to be razed.

    While on the march the Blood Ravens discovered a Machine Cult that had misfired and dropped outside of the Blood Ravens base of operations. Captain Angelos repaired the Machine Cult and requisitioned the mighty Dreadnought.

    Mission Success

    With a Dreadnought under his command, Gabriel and the Blood Ravens cleanse Magna Bonum of its Xeno infestation. The defense of Magna Bonum was a success, but the Imperial Guard’s fighting force was devastated, and the Orks would have the ability to launch another strike before the Imperial Guard could be re-supplied.

    Blood Raven Scouts reported a large force of Orks that were gathering 50 kilometers from the city. They are lead by Warboss Orkamungus. Captain Angelos launches a counter attack to put the Orks on the defensive while the momentum of battle was in the Imperium’s favor. The battle at Magna Bonum was a pivotal one, and the Blood Ravens were ready to capitalize on it.

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