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    Gabriel Angelos

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    Brother Captain Gabriel Angelos is the Captain of the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens chapter in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. He is the central protagonist in the game's single player campaign.

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    Gabriel Angelos grew up on the Imperial Planet of Cyrene.

    Gabriel became an neophyte of the Adeptus Astartes, the Imperium's finest warriors. He went through biological enhancements, psycho indoctrination, and brutal training. When Gabriel emerged he was more than human, he was a Space Marine. Gabriel became a member of the Blood Ravens Chapter. He rose through the ranks and became the Captain of the 3rd company.

    Gabriel requested an Exterminatus be performed on his home world of Cyrene. He requested the Exterminatus from the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition when he found the taint of Chaos on the planet. Although he feels his decision was the correct one, the guilt of destroying the populous of his home planet plagues Gabriel to this day.

    Summary: Dawn of War (No Spoilers)

    Captain Gabriel Angelos fights off the Orks attacking the Tartarus Space Port
    Captain Gabriel Angelos fights off the Orks attacking the Tartarus Space Port

    An Ork Waagh lead by the Warboss Orkamungus fell upon the Planet Tartarus. Captain Gabriel Angelos and the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens Space Marines were deployed to support the Tatarus' defenses. The Imperial Guard 37th Regiment lead by Colonel Carus Brom was overwhelmed by the Orks ferocious attack. Gabriel and his Blood Ravens arrived just as the Imperial Guard was about to lose the space port.

    Captain Gabriel used Colonel Brom and the Imperial Guard to defend the cities and citizens of Tartarus, while the Blood Ravens executed more precise tactical operations. Although the Blood Ravens scored a few victories early on, it was apparent to Gabriel that the Orks should not be underestimated. It was also apparent that there was more to the Ork invasion, and the planet Tartarus, than meets the eye.

    As the conflict escalated Captain Gabriel and the Blood Ravens faced off against the mysterious Eldar forces, lead by Farseer macha. They also combated the Alpha Legion of the Chaos Space Marines, lead by Chaos Lord Bale. Gabriel found out that Lord Bale and his Chaos Sorcerer Sindri were after a powerful artifact called the Maledictum that was hidden on the planet. As the Imperial forces fought to rid Tartarus of Xenos, and Heretics, a warp storm approached the planet threatening to throw everything into madness.


    Gabriel Angelos Quotes:

    • "In this dark place, in this dark hour, we will stand against the enemies of the Emperor. And they will know that not even here on this desecrated infernal rock will we suffer the existence of the heretic. Not now. Not ever."
    • “Then come and find your judgment waiting. You have escaped captivity only to face annihilation. I know you now.”
    • “I shall not cede command of my Space Marines to him, Inquisitor or not.”
    • "I still believe, old friend. I believe in the soveriegn might of the Golden Throne and in the purity of the Imperium."

    Voice Actor:

    Paul Dobson

    Gabriel Angelos Novel Appearances:

    • Dawn of War (@ 2004) C.S. Goto
    • Dawn of War: Ascension (@ 2005) C.S. Goto
    • Dawn of War: Tempest (@ 2006) C.S. Goto

    Planet Tartarus Conflict (Spoilers Below)

    An Ork Waagh lead by Warboss Orkamungus fell upon the Planet Tartarus. The Imperial Guard defense force was overwhelmed by the sheer speed and ferocity of the attack. Gabriel Angelos and his 3rd company of Blood Ravens was dispatched to lend support to the besieged planet. Little did the Imperial forces know, there was more than the green tide of Orks to contend with.

    Space Port Planet Fall and Planetary Defense

    Gabriel introduces himself
    Gabriel introduces himself

    The Blood Ravens made planet fall at the planet's space port. Commanding officer Colonel Carus Brom and his Imperial Guard was in a desperate fight to defend against the Orks. As the Imperial Guardsmen's morale broke, the Blood Ravens arrived and forced the Orks to retreat and regroup. By the authority granted to him by the Emperor of man, Gabriel utilized the Colonel and the Imperial Guard to shore up the planet's defenses, and use the newly reacquired Space Port to bring down manpower and supplies from the Blood Ravens' Battle Barge 'The Litany of Fury' in orbit.

    The Blood Ravens entrenched themselves into the Capitol City of Magna Bonum. Captain Gabriel Angelos knew that meeting the Orks in battle on open ground would lead to unnecessary casualties, he adhered to the Adeptus Astares Codex by planning a defensive action. The defense of the city was successful, but it was apparent that the Orks could recoup faster than the Imperial forces could. Gabriel lead a strategic strike force of Space Marines and struck to the heart of the Ork Waagh by killing Warboss Orkamungus.

    Inquisitor Toth and the Eldar Interference

    The Ordo Malleus brach of the Inquisition sent Inquisitor Mordecai Toth to Tartarus. He came bearing news of a warp storm and took over command of the Imperial Guard. He ordered an immediate evacuation of the planet to avoid the storm. Captain Gabriel Angelos knew that the presence of an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor almost certainly meant the presence of Chaos on the planet. Captain Gabriel's suspicions proved to be correct, the Chaos Space Marines were on Tartarus.

    What Gabriel didn't suspect is the presence of the Eldar. After doing battle with the Space Marines, Farseer Macha of the Eldar explained that there was a Chaos artifact on the planet. The Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines had taken advantage of the Space Marines fighting the Eldar, and gained the upper hand in acquiring the artifact.

    The Maledictum and Isador's Fall

    Inquisitor Toth explained to Gabriel that the artifact that the Chaos Space Marines were after was called the Maledictum. It was created by the Eldar, and it imprisoned a powerful demon, and it must be destroyed.

    Between the rampaging Orks, the interfering Eldar, and the great enemy, the Chaos Marines, the Blood Ravens were beset on all sides by adversaries. Yet, there was one adversary that completely blindsided the Blood Ravens' Captain. Brother Librarian Isador Akios, Gabriel's trusted colleague and battle brother, had fallen to Chaos. With a sad heart Gabriel killed Isador in the name of the Emperor.

    Chaos Sorceror Sindri and the Demon in the Stone

    Chaos Sorcerer Sindri had orchestrated the whole Tartarus incident. The Ork Invasion had been a distraction to keep the Imperial forces busy. The sorcerer had even betrayed his own Chaos Lord, Bale. The Maledictum was in his grasp, and it granted him the rank and powers of a Demon Prince. Although Toth had once suspected Gabriel of the taint of Chaos, the Inquisitor gave Gabriel a powerful artifact in a show of trust, the Daemonhammer: Godsplitter. Captain Gabriel Angelos used the Daemonhammer to fell the Demon Prince Sindri, and destroy the Maledictum.

    Unfortunately, Gabriel's actions had set the demon free! Gabriel and the surviving Blood Ravens evacuated the doomed Planet Tartarus as the warp storm closed in. The demon, once imprisoned in the stone, is still free, and Gabriel has vowed to destroy it.

    War Journal of Captain Gabriel Angelos

    Pre Mission 2


    War Journal of Captain Gabriel Angelos.

    The situation on the planet tartarus is grim. While the Blood Ravens crushed the Orks main offensive at the space port, the bulk of their forces are not engaged. They gather in the wilderness awaiting a critical mass of bodies that will overwhelm the Imperial forces in a green wave of death and destruction. The Blood Ravens will not allow this to occur.

    Orbital monitoring has detected an area in the Southern forests where the Orks appear to be massing. Orks only respect strength, so they will look to the largest of their groups to lead them. We will insert a small, covert strike force to eliminate these Ork leaders and destroy any encampments where the Orks might mass. This should cut to the heart of the Orks fighting spirit and delay their inevitable counterattack.

    We must tread lightly lest we disturb the slumbering beast.

    Pre Mission 3

    Under Seige

    The Ork invasion is far more serious than we originally imagined. The Imperial Navy with the help of the Blood Ravens’ battle barge, the Litany of Fury, has regained tenuous control of the space around the planet. However, the number of Ork troops and supplies that have reached planet side far exceeds our original estimates.

    The Ork menace has spread throughout the low population areas of the planet. Civilians are fleeing in mass to the cities where they hope the higher concentration of Imperial Guard can protect them.

    Due to our recent actions we were able to destroy several Ork forward encampments and kill many of their leaders, so we can expect al least a brief respite from further Ork attacks in this area. The Blood Ravens have returned to the capitol city of Magna Bonum to prepare the defenses during this down time

    Pre Mission 4

    Destroy the Xenos

    The defense of the city Magna Bonam was a success. The Orks caught us off our guard, but not un-prepared. I will not underestimate these aliens again. It is clear now that their primary push was towards the capitol city, and they have moved in to attack with a speed that I’ve rarely seen a military force capable of achieving. I have read reports of Ork clans who focus on fast strikes, but I did not realize they cold be so coordinated. It is as if something is driving the Orks here, some unknown desire or instinct.

    The Imperial Guard regiments watching over the city are decimated, and will not be re-supplied for at least 24 hours. The Orks will renew their attacks far sooner. Our scouts are reporting a force massing 50 kilometers from the city that dwarfs the group that attacked Magna Bonum, and reports from civilians speak of a mighty Ork who leads them, bigger and more cunning then the rest. If the capitol city falls, this planet will not be far behind. I cannot allow this to occur.

    Pre Mission 5

    A New Lead

    The Orks have been repelled and the Warboss has been defeated, but this war is far from over. The Orks still threaten to overcome several major population centers, and can mass more than a large enough force to overwhelm the Imperial armies present on the planet. We have bought time, nothing more, but this is no longer a primary concern. Our scouts have recovered evidence that the forces of Chaos, the Great Enemy, may be operating on this planet, right under our very noses. We must face this foe wherever they stand. If there is even a chance that they are here we must seek them out and destroy them. Inquisitor Toth is demanding that we leave the planet, but of all the powers his position grants him commandeering a Space Marine Company is not one of them. I must admit that I find his presence unwelcome so soon after the events on my home world of Cyrene. Inquisitors have a way of inflaming a guilty conscience, and that I do not need right now.

    Pre Mission 6

    Into the Maw

    By the orders of Inquisitor Toth the citizens of Tartarus have began a mass exodus of the planet. Such an action can lead to disaster in the best of situations, but the reports reaching my ears are ones of planet wide hysteria as the population makes its pilgrimage to the two main spaceports. Convoys of transports and civilians on foot are being plagued by attacks from Ork forces. Stretched thin, the Imperial Guard is barely keeping order in the major population centers sacrificing their lives long enough to keep back the green tide of the Orks. They are truly warriors of the Emperor.

    I wish for nothing more than to be able to join them in this noble cause, but I cannot deny my duty anymore than they can deny theirs. We have found proof that the Forces of Chaos are operating on the planet of Tartarus. Isador has found evidence on the blasphemous alter that indicates they may be headed towards Mount Korath, and old mountain located dangerously close to an area of heavy Ork activity. I have requested a regiment of Imperial Guard from Colonel Brom to help cover our approach. I regret asking when the colonel’s forces are already stretched to the breaking point, but there are greater things at stake now.

    Pre Mission 7


    The appearance of the Eldar is a complete mystery to me. I have dealt with these treacherous aliens in the past, and have never seen rhyme nor reason to their actions. It is unnerving. I prefer the Ork as an opponent. For all their brutality there is a twisted form of honor with the Orks. They meet there opponent on the field of battle, but the Eldar seem to have contempt for all. Fighting them is like shooting at mist and shadows.

    Isador spent hours interpreting the runes on the marker that was unearthed by the forces of Chaos, and has discovered what they seek. He claims it is some form of key, but to unlock what he is unsure. Never mind, it is enough the Chaos forces seek it. The key lies in the ruined city of St. Lloovre Marr.

    Pre Mission 8

    The Chapel

    The Great Enemy managed to steal the Key from out of our very grasp. Damn the Eldar and their arrogance. Had we not been delayed in reaching the Key we could have denied the ruinous powers their prize. We still have no idea what this key does. According to the Eldar Witch Inquisitor Toth holds these answers. If this is true then he has a good deal to explain, the least of which is not why he would withhold information that could allow us to better fight the Forces of Chaos. Could he be tainted? The thought is unimaginable.

    Even more concerning, we know now that we face more than mere Chaos Cults, but member of an actual traitor legion, the very Marines that turned against our Emperor some ten millennia ago. Luckily our scouts were able to track their Sorcerer and his entourage back to their base of operations. It is located not far from our current position. I relish in the opportunity to bring death to these blasphemous traitors.

    Pre Mission 9

    Unholy Ceremony

    Tartarus is a planet gone mad. Over 60% of the population has fallen to Ork forces, and what’s left of the Imperial Guard are fighting a desperate losing battle to protect those that remain as they leave the planet. The traitor Imperial Guard we encountered in Lloovre Marr are not the only ones. Nearly 25% of the Guard has treacherously turned on their former comrades, forming maniacal blood cults that ambush and carve up their fellow guardsmen. Certainly I have seen the powers of Chaos affect the minds of men, but never so many at once, and never so quickly. The Imperial Navy holds orbit, and the Blood Ravens’ own battle barge, the Litany of Fury, awaits a call from me to send transports to pick up all Blood Raven forces on a moment’s notice. We are prepared to leave this doomed planet, but before we go there are things we must do first. Put a stop to the forces of Chaos, and destroy the Maledictum, or die trying.

    Pre Mission 10

    Old Friend

    I first met the Librarian Isador Akios when I was still a battle brother with no men at my command. Over 30 years of service and I had not even attained veteran status. I had seen the power of the Librarians and their neophytes, but none who wielded the kind of raw power, ability, and will that Isador possessed. In battle I discovered that these traits were only matched by his knowledge and wisdom. He was truly a great man. He will be missed.

    Now I go to destroy the traitorous individual who inhabits Isador’s form. Emperor give me strength.

    Pre Mission 11

    All Out War

    The planet of Tartarus is ravaged. Its population has fled or died under the foot of the Ork. Its cities are smashed and burning. Its very ground is irrevocably tainted with the blood of aliens, traitors, and cultists. There is nothing left, nothing but blasphemous heathens, and the mighty space marines who will destroy them. In this dark place, in this dark hour, we will stand against the enemies of the Emperor and they will know that not even here on this desecrated infernal rock will we suffer the existence of the heretic. Not now. Not ever.


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