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    Lord Bale

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    Lord Bale is a Chaos Lord of Alpha Legion. He commands the traitorous Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

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    Lord Bale was a Chaos Lord of the Alpha Legion. Like most Chaos Space Marines, Lord Bale hungered for power. Lord Bale had all of the superhuman attributes of a Space Marine, but also aquired powers specific to denizens of the warp. Becoming a Chaos Lord was not about duty, valor, loyalty, or discipline. Becoming a Chaos Lord was about gaining power faster than those in competition with you. Lord Bale was powerful, but he always wanted more.

    An Imperial Excavation Team unearthed a Chaos Marker on the Planet Tartarus. The marker pointed the way to a powerful Chaos Artifact called the Maledictum, and Lord Bale coveted it. He lead a contingent of Chaos Space Marines to the Planet Tartarus to find the Maledictum, as the artifact would grant Bale awesome demonic powers that would allow him to lead his Marines to victory against any foe.

    Quest for Power (Spoilers Below)

    Artifact Found

    Chaos had launched many black crusades to the Planet Tartarus. 
    An ancient Chaos Artifact had been lost there, and the ruinous powers had searched for it for milenia. The artifact was called the Maledictum, and it was promised that the relic would grant the owner awesome demonic powers. 
    An Imperial Excavation team on the Planet Tartarus uncovered a Chaos marker that contained the location of the Maledictum. The power of Chaos was up for grabs, and Lord Bale wanted it.

    Lord Bale gathered up a contingent of Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines and headed to Tartarus. There was, however, one problem: Tartarus was an Imperial Planet. The Imperium was not a concern for Bale. They were weaklings who followed the False Emperor, and Bale would slaughter any Imperial Citizen that got in his way. 
    None in the Imperium could stand up to the power that Lord Bale could bring to bear.

    The Sorcerer's Plan

    Sindri, the Chaos Sorcerer under Bale's command, convinced Lord Bale that there was a better way to retreive the Maledictum. Fighting the Imperium head on would draw too much attention to Tartarus. It was possible that the Imperium could find the Maledictum before the Alpha Legion could get to it, or make it too difficult to attain the dark artifact. 
    The Sorcerer's plan was to use an Ork invasion as a distraction. 
    The Orks would hold the Imperial armies attention while the Alpha Legion could search for the Maledictum in secrecy.

    Sindri struck a deal with Warboss Orkamungus. In exchange for a planet to fight on, weapons, and the chance to combat Space Marines, the Orks would keep the Imperial Forces distracted. 
    The plan worked. The Orks not only tied up Colonel Carus Brom and the Imperial Guard
    but Captain Gabriel Angelos and the Space Marines arrived to lend support. Gabriel was the Force Commander of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company. The Imperial armies fought the tide of Orks, while Alpha Legion investigated the whereabouts of the Maledictum.

    Lord Bale was a mighty warrior that would have preferred to mobilize the full power of the Alpha Legion to steamroll over both Imperial and Ork forces, but Sindri convinced Lord Bale that the fastest way to the Maledictum was to operate undetected. Lord Bale's mind was bred for war, carnage, and bloodshed. He was no match for the Chaos Sorcerer's conniving rhetoric and talk of providence and predestined power.

    Bale's Impatience

    Subtlety and tactics were not Lord Bale's strengths. He favored raw power and unstopple brute force. Allying with the Orks and sneaking around was Sindri's arena, and Lord Bale would allow the sorcerer to move those plans forward. The intracacies of Sindri's plans frustrated Lord Bale. At every turn the Blood Ravens gathered up victories. 
    Captain Gabriel Angelos and his Space Marines discovered the Alpha Legion and actively began hunting them.

    Sindri assured Lord Bale that everything was going to plan. Lord Bale would not tolerate failure. If SIndri did not deliver the Maledictum soon, then Lord Bale would take matters back into his own ruinous hands.

    Sindri's Betrayal

    All Lord Bale had was the authority to command. What he didn't possess was the knowledge of Sindri's plan to betray him, and take the Maledictum for himself. Lord Bale was unable to see past his own greed for power, and was blinded to a greed that was greater than his own. When the Maledictum was finally found, Sindri betrayed Lord Bale by withdrawing Alpha Legion support as the Blood Ravens began their assault on the Chaos Space Marines. Lord Bale was left to combat the Blood Ravens and their Force Captain alone. Lord Bale was slain at the edge of Captain Gabriel Angelos' powersword.


    Lord Bale Quotes:

    • "The thought of kowtowing to these 'creatures' disgusts me."
    • "If we intimidated them into doing our bidding, showed them out strength - they would take pause before betraying us."
    • "Sindriii!"

    Voice Actor:

    Scott McNeil

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