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    Planet Tartarus

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    The planet Tartarus is an Imperial Planet besieged by Orks in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. It is the primary location for the single player campaign where Blood Ravens do battle versus Xenos and heretics.

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    The Planet Tartarus was an Imperial colonized planet that suffered from the taint of Chaos. To the naked eye it looked like any Imperial world, but beneath its bustling cities was a dark secret. There was an ancient Chaos artifact that would bring forth the ruin of planet. It all started with what seemed like an innocuous Ork invasion.


    The Planet Tartarus had a dark past. Several Chaos Dark Crusades peppered the planet’s history. Warp storms were known to send the planet into madness. Thousands of years ago the Planet Tartarus became home to an ancient Chaos artifact, the Maledictum. Over time the Maledictum and all traces of its existence became lost. However, it was not forgotten. The forces of Chaos were on a constant lookout, but always failed to find the relic. Also, the eyes of the Inquisition were keeping a careful watch on the planet. Its dark past was known to the Inquisition and it was not about to let the taint of Chaos take hold of the Imperial Citizens that now colonized the planet without a fight.

    An Imperial Excavation Team uncovered a Chaos marker, which was the first piece of the puzzle to finding the Malidictum. The forces of Chaos became aware of the marker and mobilized to seize the artifact. The Inquisition was not far behind; they were ready to ferret out any Chaos taint that might take root on the already troubled planet.

    Battleground (Spoilers Below)


    An Ork Waagh lead by Warboss Orkamungus hit the planet with a green tide of combatants. Colonel Carus Brom and his 37th Imperial Guard Regiment leapt in defense of the Imperial cities. Luckily for the Imperial Guard, the 3rd company of Blood Ravens commanded by Captain Gabriel Angelos came to Tartarus to support the overwhelmed Imperial Guardsmen.

    The Blood Ravens battle barge 'The Litany of Fury' gained tenuous control over the space above Tartarus. Captain Gabriel Angelos and his Space Marines gave the planet's defenses the needed manpower it was lacking, and gave the Imperial Navy the transports it sorely needed.


    It was revealed that the forces of Chaos, specifically the Alpha Legion of the Chaos Space Marines, were responsible for the conflict that took place on Tartarus. The Chaos Sorcerer Sindri devised a scheme to use the Orks as a diversion for the Imperial forces, while the Alpha Legion searched for the Maledictum. The Space Marines, the Eldar, the Orks, and the Chaos Space Marines all fought in the visceral combat that was all too common in the 41st century.

    The conflict escalated and the Inquisition, represented my Inquisitor Mordecai Toth, evacuated all of the Imperial Citizens that were still alive and loyal to the Emperor. The Planet's cities was decimated in the wake of the fighting. The armies clashed as a warp storm loomed on the horizon.

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