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Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge (known in Japan as Rockman World) is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published by Capcom for the Game Boy on December 1991.

The first portable entry of the original Mega Man series, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge recycled many elements from the first two titles in the franchise (including bosses, levels, and enemies) and was the first in the franchise to have multiple sets of Robot Masters (as players must fight the first four to proceed to the next four).

The game is set in the year 20XX, sometime after the events of Mega Man 2. Despite being constantly defeated by humanoid robot hero Mega Man, the evil Dr. Wily has returned with eight of his previous Robot Masters (with four tearing up the town and four lurking in his castle). It's up to Mega Man to scrap his robotic foes while facing Dr. Wily and his mysterious new creation.

The game was later released as a Virtual Console title for the Nintendo 3DS on September 15, 2011.

Levels and Robot Masters:

The First Four Robot Masters
The First Four Robot Masters

At the start, the player can choose from four different stages, each containing a robot master taken from Mega Man for the NES (Elec Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Cut Man). After defeating the four Robot Masters, Mega Man heads to Dr. Wily’s Fortress stage. At the end of this stage you encounter four additional Robot Masters, taken from Mega Man II for the NES ( Bubble Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, and Quick Man). After defeating these four Robot Masters you take on an original Robot Boss called Enker. Finally, Mega Man travels to Dr. Wily’s space station stage to take on Dr. Wily himself.

Weapons and Items:

As in most Mega Man games, Mega Man acquires the ability to use the weapons of the Robot Masters that he defeats. This includes the original four Robot Masters, the four additional Robot Masters encountered in Dr. Wily’s Fortress, and the special boss Enker. The weapons are:

The Carry Item
The Carry Item

Cut Man: Rolling Cutter – Shoots a powerful cutter that boomerangs out and then back. Very effective against Elec Man.

Elec Man : Thunder Beam – Shoots a tall electric beam. Very effective against Ice Man.

Ice Man : Ice Slasher – Shoots an icy blast that can freeze some enemies. Very effective against Fire Man.

Fire Man : Fire Storm – Shoots a fire blast towards the enemy and creates a shield of fire that temporarily surrounds Mega Man. Somewhat effective against Cut Man.

Bubble Man : Bubble Lead – Shoots a bubble which travels along the floor. Very effective against Heat Man.

Heat Man : Atomic Fire – Shoots a heat blast that can be charged up. Somewhat effective against Quick Man and Flash Man.

Quick Man : Quick Boomerang – Shoots several small boomerangs which travel out, and then back. Somewhat effective against Bubble Man and Heat Man.

Flash Man : Time Stopper – Freezes time and damages the enemy. Very effective against Quick Man.

Enker: Mirror Buster – Creates an energy shield that protects Mega Man and can even deflect some enemy attacks. Very effective against Dr. Wily’s final machine.

In addition, Mega Man obtains a special item called the “Carry” after completing the first four Robot Master stages. This item allows Mega Man to create a temporary platform that can be used to traverse large pits or reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Cheats and Passwords:

To access Dr. Wily's fortress stage, use the password: A2, A3, B4, C2, C3

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