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    NASCAR 08

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 23, 2007

    EA Sports brings its NASCAR series to the Seventh Generation gaming consoles with NASCAR 08.

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    NASCAR 08 was released on the Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.  Tony Stewart would have his third cover appearance of the series, his first two being NASCAR 2001 and NASCAR Thunder 2004.  In Europe Juan Pablo Montoya would be featured on the cover, due to his international recognition as a former Formula 1 driver.

    It is the first game to feature the Car of Tomorrow, and the user has a choice between running the new car or the current car of the time.  And unlike the current car featured in the game, the Car of Tomorrow did not display any manufacturer logos on the car.

    The PS3 version of the game had Sixaxis motion built in as a steering option.

    The PS2 version lacked some of the updated gameplay features of the next generation platforms, although it still had the Whelen Modified Tour, a series that was removed from the other versions.

    Sound Track

    • "Stand Up for Rock ‘n Roll" - Airbourne
    • "Johnny Cash" - Jason Aldean
    • "Loud" - Big & Rich
    • "Radio" - Big & Rich
    • "Need Some Air" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    • "Up in Smoke" - Blackberry Smoke
    • "Long Haul" - Brooks & Dunn
    • "Empty Handed" - Bucky Covington
    • "Stomp" - Crossin Dixon
    • "Country ’til the Day We Die" - Halfway to Hazard
    • "Addicted to This" - Palmerston
    • "She Builds Quick Machines" - Velvet Revolver


    Keep On Truckin'10
    Win a Craftsman Truck Series race.
    National Hero10
    Win a NASCAR National Series race.
    Badge Of Honor10
    Complete a Driver Badge.
    Custom Car Creator10
    Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
    Heavy Medal10
    Win a Medal in "The Chase" Mode.
    We're Talkin' About Practice10
    Record a Lap in Toyota "Test and Tune" Mode.
    Trade Your Setup10
    Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
    3 Wide10
    Earn Three Gold Medals in "The Chase" Mode.
    Today Or Tomorrow?10
    Win a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow race.
    Play It Again, Sam.10
    Save a Race Replay.
    Chase For The Cup25
    Win a Championship in Season Mode using the Car of Tomorrow Series Full Schedule.
    Earn Your Stripes25
    Earn a License in "The Chase" Mode.
    Independent Contractor25
    Earn a Contract in "The Chase" Mode.
    Online Horsepower25
    Win an Online Race.
    Licensed To Drive25
    Complete all Licenses in "The Chase" Mode.
    Craftsman Tools Reward50
    Save a Craftsman Tools Car Setup at any Track.
    Toyota Reward50
    Complete all Toyota Challenges.
    Sprint Reward75
    Win a NEXTEL Cup in Season Mode using the NEXTEL Cup Series '07 Schedule.
    Full Throttle100
    Complete a 100% Length Race in Race Now or Season Mode.
    Cross Country 100
    Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
    Pay The Bills100
    Complete all Contracts in "The Chase" Mode.
    We Don't Need No Badges!100
    Earn all Driver Badges.
    Chase Champion100
    Win a NEXTEL Cup in "The Chase" Mode.
    All Or Nothing100
    Reach 100% Game Progress.


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