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    NES Remix

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 18, 2013

    8-bit NES classic games with new twists and challenges.

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    NES Remix (Famicom Remix in Japan), developed by indies zero and directed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo's Koichi Hayashida, is a challenge minigame collection for the Wii U released through the eShop. It was announced publicly via a Nintendo Direct presentation on December 17, 2013 and released in North America the following day. The game contains challenges based on sixteen classic NES titles that are split up into mostly short challenges of varying difficulty.

    As the player completes challenges, stars are earned, which are used to unlock the special remix stages. These stages offer an extra challenge by putting a twist on a familiar gameplay scenario. For example, in one stage based on the original Donkey Kong, the player must ascend to the top of the stage with only a small area of the screen around Mario visible.

    Players can also unlock Miiverse stamps as they progress as a means to show off their accomplishments.

    Games Represented

    The games represented and remixed in NES Remix include the following:


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