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    Oasis of Marr

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    The Oasis of Marr is located in the center of the Desert of Ro, and while it is no mirage, it is certainly not safe.

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    Oasis of Marr
    Oasis of Marr

    Oasis of Marr lies between the two halves of the Desert of Ro and is one of the most popular regions for those who have just left the safer confines of their home towns. The scenery alone is much more desirable than the rest of Ro's Desert. The saltwater crocodiles found on the shores and the endless waves of undead wandering the desert offer a great test to younger adventurers. A camp of gypsies in the center of the region allow for quick access to selling off loot found in the desert. The real danger comes from the occasional sand giant stomping through the desert crushing anyone and everyone regardless of their race, class, or deity. In the center of the oasis is a small island with an intriguing tower. Those foolish enough to inspect this tower will likely never return. Those that do escape often end up causing the death of many other adventurers due to bringing the evil specters of the tower to the beaches on their attempts to escape the region. Further to the south, there are camps of orcs and giant dune tarantulas that will frighten even the trolls who venture north from the swamps.

    On February 1, 2006, with the release of The Prophecy of Ro, the Oasis of Marr was merged into the Southern Desert of Ro making two desert zones instead of three.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Gypsy CampFood, Water, Combine Weapons, Shaman Spells, General Supplies
    South InnGeneral Supplies


    Notable NPCs

    • Cazel
    • Hatar
    • Lockjaw

    Notable Items

    • Fine Silk Turban
    • Glowing Wooden Crook
    • Jambiya
    • Lockjaw Hide Vest
    • Spoon

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