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Conquests 12: Year of Redemption? (Games I Beat in 2022)

So, I guess 2021 wasn't really so much better than 2020 was it? In terms of my game beating goals I fell spectacularly short last year with only 28 games beaten out of my goal of 40. I am not sure what went wrong, but honestly I think it is just because of too much choice. Back in the day it was so much easier to finish games because I would maybe have a handful to choose from, but now between Game Pass and games going on sale for so cheap, I have literally multiple thousands of games to choose from.

This year I REALLY want to try and plow through some of these games.

I will quote my criteria from previous years.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal. I will also count a game beat if I put a ton of time into it if it has no way of finishing it. If the game is primarily multiplayer I will count it if I have finished all the achievements/trophies or possibly if the game has challenges or such.

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