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Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) Shooters

A somewhat rare breed of shooters that give the player full freedom of movement and flight. Most often are games are set in futuristic settings where aircraft can not only fly, but hover and maneuver around in combat. They are almost always first person, but in some rare cases, may be third person or have a third person view option.

The most famous games of this genre are the Descent series

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  • Series

    I haven't played much of this series. I may have played one of the games on shareware a LONG time ago, but I don't remember. It's on my backlog.

  • Series

  • Having not see 6DOF games for a long time when playing this, it immediately reminded me of Forsaken and Descent. You are a program working in tandem with a computer system to clear it of a ever perilous worm.

  • The game that reinforced my interest in the genre, and has a look and feel like no other. A post-apocalyptic struggle for treasure and survival against rogue security drones and rival scavengers set to a eclectic and atmospheric Drum and Bass soundtrack.

  • I can't remember how I remembered this game, I just know that one day I looked it up and I had a sudden nostalgia for it. I can't remember if I play this at the mouse of my mother's friend or if this was one of the many shareware games I played after school while my teacher mom did after class stuff.

  • A pretty decent rogue-like 6DOF. I dropped playing it after a while - i don't think it had enough depth to keep my attention.

  • This is a pretty neat indie mech/dogfighting game. But the gameplay did feel a bit shallow because it felt like it was build around multiplayer, and at the time I played this, the MP was dead.

  • Mostly Negative reviews on Steam

  • This was probably the first 6DOF I've ever played. At the time, I was a child who played this game on a computer that belong to the daughter of one of my Mom's friends. I'm pretty sure I didn't know what this game was called at the time and I'm not even sure I was told what the name was. It took me a long time of Googling and Youtube searches to find this game.

    I don't remember much about it other than it looks sort of like DOOM, flying around, lots of blue, and some red.

  • I believe this is the successor to Terminal Velocity