Characters for SSB4

Now with justifications for newcomers!

List items

  • Maybe add a Dr. Mario costume?

  • I like him, I have no nostalgia for the Koopalings, so I have nothing against him. I think his magic paintbrush would be a good way to make him a unique character.

  • I love Waluigi, troll characters like him are the best. He needs to be added just for his comic value.

  • I was never too crazy about Dixie Kong, so K. Rool is my final choice for a DK rep. However, he hasn't appeared since Mario Super Sluggers, so perhaps his time has passed for good.

  • With Sheik of course.

  • A very charismatic villain. I think he has virtually no chance, but I do think he is the Zelda character we need, if not the one we deserve.

  • Tingle is also another great character full of charisma. Perhaps he should be under his own series like Yoshi is?

  • Regular Samus with Zero Suit version.

  • The best thing about Metroid: Other M is Anthony Higgs, he's just a guy you would love to call your best friend.

    With regards to Smash, I think Ridley's boat has passed, so he's the only character left. No Dark Samus please!

  • The main villain of the original Kid Icarus, she is basically the female villain of Nintendo. However, has Uprising brought in new characters who would be better?

  • Another controversial character, but really the only remaining Star Fox character with potential. Let's face it, Peppy and Slippy would just end up being pseudo clones of Fox/Falco.

  • I remember when I first saw him if F-Zero GX, I thought he was supposed to be like Batman. He's nothing like Batman, but he's the next coolest character in F-Zero. He absolutely needs a pink variant like Captain Falcon.

  • Bring him back just for nostalgia.

  • One of the most important heroines in the Fire Emblem series, I think her lance use would make an excellent complement to Marth's sword fighting. Perhaps her pegasus could be used for a final smash.

  • See Roy.

  • I was never a big fan of Zoroak, he seemed kind of like he was promoted solely because he has a body like Lucario. I think Genesect would be the most interesting addition from Gen V.

  • The last relevant Famicom character now that Pit is in the series. It doesn't hurt that he's been appearing in a few games recently like Captain Rainbow, Samurai Warriors 3, and Nintendo Land.

  • The lead character from the best RPG in years, he deserves a spot without question. I would honestly support the inclusion of any Xenoblade party member, but as the main character, he has the first shot.

  • A very requested character, his comeback in 2009 was also excellent. I would suggest borrowing moves from his fellow boxers.

  • Two characters for a new IP, isn't that a little much? Perhaps, but I think Bald Bull is the best character from Puch Out, so he needs to be in either this Smash, or the one after. He really is the mascot of the series, appearing in more games than any other character.

  • I think Golden Sun deserves a representative after so long. I admit that Isaac is a classic, but I think it's fair that Matthew takes his place as the new face of Golden Sun.

  • I think Advance Wars deserves a representative, and Sami is the logical choice as the infantry specialist. Perhaps if Snake doesn't return she can borrow from his moveset.