2020 Games Played

Once more into the breach.

2019 was a slow year for me with games. I bought fewer and have played the fewest games since 2015. My backlog is no longer as full of games that I purchased and never played. Now it's full of games that I have received for free. I will continue to try to finish those games I have spent money on this year.

I also feel that I reached my limit with my games library. I have less hype about upcoming games and would rather go back and replay some favorites like The Witcher 3, Total Warhammer 2, and Vermintide 2.

Quality, not quantity might be the strategy from here on out so we'll see how it goes in 2020.

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  • I'm back on my bullshit.

  • Started Nov 10 - Finished Jan 31

    This was my first Dragon Quest game and man, it did not disappoint. Great music, story, setting, characters. This game has it all if you're a fan of jrpgs. My only criticism about this game is that it was too easy. I didn't even get the ultimate gear and the final boss gave me no trouble.

  • Started Jan 3 - Finished Jan 6

    Hey, remember Ace Combat? Well, it's back. In HD.

  • Started Feb 1 - Finished Feb 6

    I blame Vinny for this. I just finished Dragon Quest 11 and was looking for the next game to play when Vinny comes out with his "Hey watch me play XCOM 2 for an hour" video. Well, that made me start looking at the workshop and downloading mods. When I realized I could make freaking Street Samurais I fell back into this game pretty hard.

    Hey, this is a good ass video game and I might every well just replay it next year too.

  • Started Feb 9 - Can't finish.

    This is a great game and I'm happy I decided to get back into it.

  • Started Feb 14 - Can't finish

    I may not be starting that many new games in 2020, but I am having a fun time playing my favorites and Total Warhammer 2 is up there as one of my favorite games of all time.

    Total War: Warhammer 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. WH2 is the second game in a planned trilogy that is only getting bigger with each game. The final game in the series will include all races from the first 2 (as long as you own the first 2 games and DLC) along with whatever they add in 3. This game/series is as close to a forever/desert island game for me as it can be. More than Warframe or Civilization, Warhammer 2 is constantly bringing me back and has had a spot on my hard drive since launch. CA is constantly releasing new content in the form of Paid DLCs and Free DLCs along with race reworks. I still play WH2 on nearly a weekly basis and am super excited to see what WH3 will be.

    What CA has built in this series, with all the DLC, is extraordinary. They took the extremely popular Warhammer Fantasy franchise and did what other companies have tried but failed at before. They made a solid and tactical wargame in the Warhammer universe that is simply addicting and fun to play.

    The downside of course is the price. To get the full experience, you need to own Total War: Warhammer 1 and ALL the DLCs AND Warhammer 2 and ALL the DLCs. Just to come in now is very expensive. But I would recommend that you get the games on one of their regular sales. If you are unfamiliar with the lore but are interested in getting the game, then the standalone Warhammer 2 is a great place to start. You don't really need the DLCs to have a good time with the game.

  • Started Feb 18 - Can't finish.

    A surprisingly easy game to get into. I don't plan on spending 200 hours getting good at this game and instead just plan on messing around with some of the best fighting game characters ever made.

  • Started March 10 - Can't finish

    What can i say? It's F1 and it is better than last year.

  • Started March 20 - Finished March 20

    After putting in a solid 3 hours of this game a good 2 years after I last played it has left me with this conclusion. It is a fantastic game and maybe one of the best of all time. However, I do not feel like investing that kind of time into the game again, even with NG+. Sorry, I tried.

  • Started March 25 - Finished March 28

    It's an open world snowboarding game that feels weirdly floaty with a huge but empty open world. I played it for a bit and it never grabbed me. It's a shame because I typically like games like this. Good thing I got it for free.

  • Started April 4 - All main story and chapter 2 of DLC finished on April 15

    The new immersive mode is bringing back most of the good stuff from Wildlands and I am here for it. The immersive mode and the new echelon class kinda make this game the best open world stealth game since Metal Gear Solid 5. And, like Wildlands before it, Breakpoint is just fun to play. Eventhough I am done with the story missions I will continue to play in Co-Op just to help others and there is still Chapter 3 coming. If you are like me and the shlooter aspect of Breakpoint turned you off, then try the immersive mode.

    The raid is what made me turn on the gear score. I am glad I did it too. The raid was an epic experience that took hours to finish my first time through and made some good friends along the way. You should see my dude now, he's awesome looking.

  • Started April 17 - Finished April 24

    I played the original Ninja Gaiden games as a kid and they were always too difficult for me. This game seems to be doing a better job of creating the nostalgia than others, like Shovel Knight. I'll stick with this for now. Another game I got for free and am happy that I am able to dump it and move on. Good, quality game, that brings back the nostalgia hard. But it wasn't enough to keep me going. When I got to the second half of the game, I just didn't feel like completing it.

    I'm happy it exists tho.

  • Started April 22 - Finished April 25

    I got this for free but I don't see this having much more staying power after I get tired of tethering enemies to exploding objects. Yeah, I'm done. The shooting and missions of Just Cause were never its best points. And once you get tired of tethering, there isn't much to keep you going. I'm happy I got this game for free because I can just dump this game and move on.

  • Started May 4 - Finished June 12

    I actually bought and refunded this game last year due to technical difficulties - I just couldn't get a stable frame rate. Now that's fixed?

    After finding the fun in Breakpoint with its loot and leveling up system, I thought I'd put my AC purist ideology behind me and embrace the new action-RPG path the series is on. I've only put an hour or 2 into this game (haven't left the starting town yet) and I could see myself getting lost in this game. It's pretty special.

    I used to be an Assassin's Creed purist. I used to think that the series has a whole peaked with AC 2: Brotherhood. I used to think that having colored loot would only cheapen the game and wished it would just go back to what worked so well in AC 2.

    I now realize that I was wrong. The action/rpg and its loot system brings a sense of purpose to this game that the last few were missing. Now there is a reason to do side quests and explore the world more. The combat also got a rework and is much better than the tired Batman style combat where you're just waiting to counter attack.

    And Bayek, the main character, is one of the best assassin's in the series. The revenge story is good enough to keep you going. And, the DLCs add so much more to the game that I could not see how you can get the entire experience without it.

    Since this is an Assassin's Creed game, you can expect to rub elbows with various famous historical figures if you know your history. And if you don't know historical Egypt, then I highly suggest you wander around the discovery mode. Iit was very interesting. Don't be like me and let your biases get in the way of one of the best Assassin's Creed games in the series.

    This game is special. Once I put my Assassin's Creed purist attitude aside, I was able to realize that this game perfected the AC formula that Ubisoft has been struggling with since AC 3.

  • Started again May 26 - Can't finish

    Aftermath got me back into the game. MK 11 is still solid.

  • Started June 12 - Finished June 22

    This game is simply a classic 3rd person action game with modern touchups. It even has the puzzle rooms where you're force pushing balls around. That tied in with an interesting story and amazing graphics make this a game that I wish I played earlier.

  • Started June 15 - Finished June 15

    Another game I got for free, it mixes classic arcade genres and retro-synth music into something special. There's not much here, as the game takes less than 2 hours to finish, but I did enjoy my time with it. I also wish it finished its story instead of setting up and episodic series.

  • Started June 27 - Finished July 10

    For some reason, unless I am super hyped for a game, it is hard for me to start something new. I need to be really in the mood for it, no matter how good people tell me the game is. That said, I chose to start ME: Andromeda over Fallout New Vegas simply because I played Andromeda last year and never finished it. I think it is time to return to Mass Effect with an open mind and no expectations.

    I have a weird history with the Mass Effect Games. I played the original Mass Effect three times with 3 different characters. My plan was to take all 3 characters through the entire series. I was super excited to see how they were going to handle the countless decision variations through the series. But when 2 came out I only played through it once. I guess I was let down by my own expectations for what the game was going to be. And when I started hearing about what they were doing with 3 (adding multiplayer and the changes to the combat) I was really turned off. Turned off to the point of not even playing ME 3. I did however completely avoid any spoilers about the ending - leaving the door open for myself to play the game in the future. For me, the story of the Mass Effect series is the story of over-hype and unachievable expectations. I let my own biases get in the way of a good series.

    Last year, I bought Mass Effect Andromeda super duper edition for less than $10. I played the game in fits and starts for about 30 hours, never getting past the second planet. I remember tweeting: "I spent $5 on Mass Effect Andromeda and even I am disappointed. " So, it is time to revisit the highly criticized game, but this time with an open mind and to judge the game on its own merits. There has always been something about Andromeda that makes me want to like it. I need to actually finish the game this time.

    I loved this game and can safely say that the worst part about ME Andromeda is that it will never get a sequel it was so obviously laying the groundwork for.

  • Started July 21 - Finished July 29

    Sometimes you don't realize how much you need a certain genre until you start playing it. DMC 5, with its short levels and slick combat, is the perfect chaser to a huge RPG like Andromeda. This game is great.

    Game is great, but the crashes got me to uninstall the game. Considering I was halfway through the game before it started acting up, I feel that I have seen pretty much all of what the game has to offer. Moving on, no regrets.

  • Started July 30 - Finished August 5

    Time to give Giant Bomb's 2019 GOTY a try.

    The Outer Wilds is a triumph of adventure game design and a truly special game. The game blends exploration with story and music in an amazing way. The entire solar system is open to you from the beginning and the only limitation on your exploration is your own experience. I'll leave this review spoiler free as this is a game that you need to go into blind.

    The Outer Wilds is an exploration adventure game and the setting is an entire solar system within a time loop. It is this Time Loop that makes the game special to me. Right from the start of the game, you can go anywhere and explore anything you want. Hell, you can even go to the ending if you know how. The only character progression in the game is your own personal knowledge. You live, explore, die and repeat. Every time you die your personal knowledge of the history and scope of the solar system increases so the next time you wake up, you can go further.

    This game really resonated with me and I highly recommend it.

  • Started August 4 - Finished Aug 14

    It's a modern Batman game. And even though I wasn't a huge fan of Asylum or Arkham City I decided to give this one a shot. Doesn't hurt that my new PC can play this game in 4k either and it looks great.

    There comes a time in every mediocre game where the hype is gone and you have to convince yourself to continue playing the game again. At that point, it's better to just uninstall and move on. Good thing I only spent $15 on this. No regrets.

  • Started Aug 30 - Finished Aug 30

    It took me playing this game to make me fully realize just how burnt out I am on Dark Souls and all of its clones. It's got great music tho.

  • Started Sep 1 - Won't ever finish.

    They made a follow up to one of my favorite games of all time. And, CK3 is much better than CK2. Don't know if I will play this game for another 900 hours but it is a possibility.

  • Started Sep 27 - Finished Sep 27

    Got this in some bundle a couple of years ago. Played a few missions and realized the game was just going to be more of the same. It's fun to shoot Nazis in the nuts, but I don't see myself finishing this game.

  • Started Oct 5 - Finished Oct 6

    What a strange game this is and it's even stranger to play it in 2020. But I think I've played enough of it to say that I don't want to continue. God I miss PC games from this era.

  • Started Oct 10 - Finished Oct 18

    Wow, this is a good game. I love a good detective story and I love Crpgs. This game is fantastic.

  • Started Oct 23 - Can't finish

    The biggest gripe against Fifa is that it barely changes year over year. Good thing I haven't purchased a Fifa game since 1996.

  • Started Oct 27 ....

    This is a 2d side scroller and it is a welcome change of pace for now. I got it super cheap and am enjoying my time with it so far.

  • Started Nov 12 - Finished Dec 10

    I've put this game off long enough. Time to dive into what some people call the best CRPG ever.

    I officially put 65 hours into this game. That is not counting all the time I spent out of the game building the perfect team.

    I was cruising along in Act 2 until I suddenly had zero desire to continue. I love how the combat is so status based and how a rain or blood puddle could become either electrified, frozen, a cloud, or an electric cloud. Making the combat centered around this mechanic means that you're constantly either moving in or out or teleporting enemies onto your frozen blood puddles. It is a welcome addition to CRPG combat and I hope that other games copy a form of this. However, the more I played, the more I realized that the game wasn't going to get any better, just more complex. The story never hooked me in and when I realized I was just playing to get from 1 combat encounter to another I realized that I didn't want to keep playing. This is a solid CRPG but it is definitely not the best modern CRPGS out there. Time to move on, I have no interest in seeing how this thing ends.

  • Started Dec 11 - Finished ...

    Yakuza + Dragon Quest = 2 great tastes that taste great together.

  • Started Dec 26 - Main Story Finished ...

    This game was billed as the spiritual successor to The X-wing/Tie Fighter series. I still rank Tie Fighter as one of my top 10 favorite games of all time so this game has somewhat big shoes to fill. First, they don't make games like they used to so I never expected this game to have this expansive single player story. But the feel of the gameplay is what makes it. And man, this game feels good to fly and go pew pew. I only just finished the prologue and I definitely want to see this all the way through. I got this game for $13 and I would have definitely purchased this game for full price.

    Then, I did something I didn't think I would ever do: I played the multiplayer. I thought it was unnecessary when they put it in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and boy let me tell you about how much fun the multiplayer is. My first game I barely knew the controls and got my space ass handed to me. By the time I played 5 games, I was leading the match in kills and going on sprees. Each of the ships feel different and I am finding favorites already (I'm a stone cold killer in the Tie Reaper and the X-Wing). I still have the urge to go back into the multiplayer and I can see myself putting plenty of time into this game.

    Recommended from a dude who reveres Tie Fighter.