2016 Games played

Going on my third year of this gaming resolution thing where I try to play/finish a game from my backlog every month. So, here is the 2016 version of the list.

June 2016 edit: I finally got a desktop that can play all games from the current generation at 1080/60. After finishing Lightning Returns (which I still want to go back and play NG+), I downloaded most of the games from my revisit list to replay such as Mad Max, MGS5, Lords of the Fallen, GTA 5, Sleeping Dogs, and Mortal Kombat X. So, getting to finish 1 new game per month might be hard to do from here on.

List items

  • Started Dec 11 - Finished January 9th.

    Oh boy, this game. 5/5 Maybe one of the best games I have ever played.

  • Started Jan 3 - Not Finished Yet

    Only just started, but I like what I've played so far.

    I haven't finished this game yet as of this new update. I ended up giving up half way through. The game was simply too frustrating for me right now. I hear that they are still working on Chapter 5 so I will probably come back to this at a later date.

  • Started January 22 - Finished Jan 29

    It took me a long time to get into this game. But once I did, this is all I played for a week. Simply an excellent Turn Based Strategy Game.

  • Started February 4 - Finished Feb 10

    Got this game for free on Origin and was glued immediately. As an alternative for Forza Horizon on the PC, it was pretty good. Plus the kids liked the open world.

  • Started February 5 - Finished Feb 24

    Definitely a product of the times. This is a classic sandbox game. Hilariously over the top and ridiculous. I am surprised it took me this long to actually play and finish it.

  • Started Feb 5 - Finished March 5

    Always a game I heard that I needed to play but never did. Also, this game stands as the third game I've ever bought on Steam back in 2011 for the hefty price of $2.

    I went in knowing the game's flaws. The stealth isn't at MGS 5 levels and the gunplay isn't at a shooter level. But when you put all the parts together, this is a memorable experience that is worth replaying. This is how action rpgs with gunplay should be done, with very skill dependent combat. The conversation gameplay kept me interested in every cutscene. Hell, I even enjoyed the stealth. If you go into this game knowing that it is flawed, there is still enjoyment to be had here. I highly recommend this game, especially at $2.

  • Started Feb 28 - Finished March 13

    This is the first open world game in a long time that I am allowing myself to sit back and explore the world instead of rushing through the story missions like I did in Saints Row 3. Since the upgrade systems are powered by exploration and side missions, I think this game will take me a while. And that's a good thing. Also, this just might be the best open world game I've played since Sleepy Dogs.

  • Started March 11 - Finished April 3

    As the middle chapter of the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, I considered this game a must play after finishing FF 13. Final Fantasy 13-2 is the story of Serah, Noel, and the Time Rangers. Time is broken and it's up to them to solve history. As Time Travel stories go, I've seen worse and more confusing ones.

    13-2 gets going right out of the gate in stark contrast of FF 13 which took about 10 hours before it opened up. In this game, you can explore right from the the start.

    The combat system is the same paradigm system from the first game with the added touch of monster taming. Tamed monsters fight with you in battle as part of your paradigms and, most monsters in the game can be tamed;each coming with their own active and passive benefits. Taming monsters became my thing as I sought out and farmed specific monsters to add to my party.

    The combat system never got boring, the story kept me interested until the end, and the monster farming added a fun side thing to do. Sure this is a Jrpg ass jrpg and got anime AF at times. But that's pretty much what I was expecting from a Final Fantasy game. Well worth the purchase.

    This game also has a primer that tells the story of Final Fantasy 13 very well so you can skip the first game and not feel that you missed out on anything.

  • Started March 15 - Can't finish.

    Same with Door Kickers, I started this game with the intention of maybe messing around with it for a little while. Hours later, I'm expanding my garage and hiring new drivers. Excellent Bombcast game. The highway driving experience is so realistic I actually fell asleep behind the wheel.

    I can't ever finish a simulator but I've played enough of this game to put it on this list.

  • Started March 18 - Probably won't "finish"

    What started as a casual install of a game that I'll probably mess around with when I'm not in the mood for a intense game, turned into an obsession for about 4 hours. This game is pretty great for a tactical murder simulator.

    While I don't expect to finish game, I've played enough of it to put it on my list.

  • Started March 18 - Finished April 1

    First Hitman game I've played since 2. I haven't gotten that far into it yet, but I like what I played so far.

    Absolution is the first Hitman game I have ever finished. It's pretty much trial and error until you find the best way to get through a situation/kill the target and then you just execute the plan. For the most part, I enjoyed this game. Sneaking through a heavily guarded area and eliminating the target quietly was always satisfying.

    However, constantly being scored on how you do made me feel compelled to not kill civilians/guards, and pretty much avoid gunplay altogether. In other stealth games like Splinter Cell or whatever, I'm always offing guards just so I don't have to worry about them later. The crowd mechanics in some of the areas were fun to see and play with and this is a game that I wouldn't mind coming back to in the future. Of the Hitman games I have played so far, this is the best one.

  • Started March 23 - Finished ...

    Yet another game I decided to mess around with when I didn't want an intense gaming experience. With Darkest, I could jump in, do a quest for a little while and then turn the game off. I don't really know if I'll finish this game, but I am enjoying the time I am spending with it.

    After hitting the 10 hour mark in this game, I had to put it on the list.

  • Started March 27 - Finished April 11

    I loved Far Cry 3. After hearing that Far Cry 4 was just another Far Cry 3, I decided to wait until it dropped in price. While waiting, I heard about Primal. This time in history has always fascinated me and I couldn't resist playing another Far Cry ass Far Cry game. Even if the game just takes the good things from 3 and applies them to a new setting, I was excited to get back into it.

    I used the Bow mostly in 3 anyway.

    This is a Far Cry game. It's an open world first person shooter (With bows and spears) set in the year 10,000 BCE. It's got collectibles, outposts to scout out and capture, and bonfires which open up the surrounding map.

    By far, the biggest knock against this game is that it is ostensibly too similar to Far Cry 4. However, I never played Far Cry 4 and my last Far Cry game played was Blood Dragon in 2014. It's the proven Far Cry formula and it still works. If you're tired of it, then I suggest you wait until a sale. But, for me, it was worth the price.

    Removing the guns from a Far Cry game was a bold step and I welcomed the difference. Combat is closer than the past far cry games since spears and bows don't have the range of a sniper rifle. However made me have to adapt my usual play style to make it work. I played the game as a pseudo open world stealth game as a result. Sneaking through the night dodging wolves and bears only to chuck a freaking spear into the back of some dudes head and then watching the impact cause him to fly off a cliff was always satisfying. I'm pretty sure I killed 2 guys with the same spear once.

    I spent about 40 hours with this game and never got bored with it. I didn't even do every side quest or collectible so if you're a completionist, you can dump a ton of time into this game. The setting was very interesting and the story wrapped up nicely.

    Bottom line is that it's a Far Cry game. If you're new to the series, this is an interesting place to start. If you're tired of the formula then maybe wait until you see a sale. But this game isn't as bad as some have said.

  • Started April 4 - Finished May 9

    Oh man this game. I was expecting a FPS. What I didn't expect was the well done story and characters. The Nazis were so oppressive that I was legitimately creeped out at times. I felt just like BJ playing this game getting that thousand yard stare. Recommended.

  • Started April 12 - Can you even "finish" this game?

    This is not a game for me. At least that's what I kept telling myself after being exposed to the hype machine around this game. But something about this game kept enticing me to at least give it a try. Maybe it was the art style. Whatever the case, I am happy I did.

    This is also a game that I can play with my 8yr old daughter. She has a farm and I have a farm. We take turns playing together and then tell stories of our day and trade hints and tips. It's addictive and a great game in it's own right and the fact that I can share this with her makes this game all that much better.

    Even if you don't like farm games give this one a try. I bought it at full price and this was definitely money well spent.

    10/10 would bond with my baby girl again

  • Started June 21, 2015 - "finished" 5/3/16 and still not completely finished.

    My story with Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls in general, is pretty complicated anymore. As a whole, I loved the game and the series. However I got burnt out twice playing this game. The first time was last year where I made it to the Spider boss only to give up and walk away thinking that the game was no longer worth my time. I picked up this game again when Dark Souls 3 came out and dusted off that old character. I beat the Spider boss in one go and decided that this will finally be the time that I will beat the DLC. I rushed through the rest of the normal game and beat 2/3 of the DLC. That's when the Dark Souls burn hit me again. I just didn't want to continue anymore. I was nearly ready to beat the Ivory King but something in the repetition of dying and trying again made me not want to continue. I uninstalled the game at that spot. So, I beat the main story and am ready to go into NG+ but only finished 2/3 of the DLC. I enjoyed the new content in Scholar of the First Sin and I still think as a whole this is a better game than Dark Souls 1. But man, this game can take it's toll on your soul. Maybe I finally just went hollow.

    Maybe I'll go back and really finish this game some point in the future but who knows.

  • Started May 6 - Finished May 10.

    This game got off on a bad first impression with me since it didn't allow inverted controls on the controller. After 4 refund attempts, the game that followed was mediocre at best. Now, I had a good time with GRAW and expected more of the same. The campaign was fun for the most part with varied environments. Playing around with the drone and having my AI teammates clear out areas was always satisfying. However, the game felt like it was made for multiplayer with constant needless regrouping during missions. This game is just not worth your time if you're playing singleplayer

  • Started May 11 - Finished June 27

  • Restarted May 14 (last played April 12, 2014) - Finished.. May 15

    Going to give this game one more chance. So far, I like it. Don't know why I stopped playing.

    Man talk about not giving a game a fair chance. I really don't know why I considered this game boring two years ago. The moment I picked up the game again I was hooked. While the story was confusing and unimportant, the combat was spot on. I didn't do much exploration since I was too busy hauling ass through the levels cutting dudes in half. What was memorable about this game was the bosses, figuring them out and then taking them down was always satisfying. I like games that make you feel like a badass and this game definitely delivers.

  • Started May 21 - Finished May 27

    There was a sale on Grid Autosport and I decided to install this one since I already had it in my library. 10 hours later I couldn't stop playing. This is just a fun arcadey racer. I love how they manage to make nearly every race exciting. That is a tough thing to do in these games as you usually just get 1st place in the first lap and then maintain that lead for the rest of the race. In Grid 2, it seems like you're fighting for 1st place the entire length of the race.

    I'll finish the career mode in this at least now.

  • Started May 14 - Finished May 28

    A game beaten in 3 sittings at around 9 hours, Hyper Light Drifter is a short experience but definitely a memorable one. The art style, the music, and the mysterious nature of the game reminds me of a 1970s science fiction movie.

  • Started May 27 - Finished ...

    Playing Grid 2 inspired me to get this game. I love how the developers decided to go in a more simulation style than Grid 2 which was essentially Ridge Racer.

  • Started June 30 - Finished September 18

    After AC3 and AC4, I told myself I was done with the Assassin's Creed series. I did not like the direction the games were going after Brotherhood/Revelations. I liked 3 for the historical setting but it felt that there were just too little too do that mattered. With 4, it felt that there was too much to do. As a former Assassin's Creed completionist, 4 made me feel sad. There was just too many collectibles and side stuff not to mention the "rate the memory" thing it had going on. The wide open ocean piratey stuff was fun, but Assassin's Creed has always been about a dense historical city to me.

    The French Revolution has always been a favorite historical event for me and I have been hoping that it would be the setting for an Assassin's Creed game eventually. So, while I swore off the series, I just had to play this game for the setting alone.

    This game is a return to form for the series. It's back to the densely populated city instead of a wide open wilderness/ocean. Assassin's Creed 2 Brotherhood is the best of the series, but I think this is a close second best.

    They streamlined the game to make it less annoying, and I like that. Combat is better in this game at least and it finally validated heavy and long weapons. The wall running is more magnetic than usual, but they are trying to make the game a little more fun so it's a pass for me.

    There is a ton of things to do in this game, and thankfully, no crafting. You can finally run around indoors for real this time. And some sidequests can take on a Hitman like feel to them (there's a dude walking around - kill him without anyone knowing). They removed everything I disliked about 3 and 4 and streamlined the rest to make a real solid Assassin's Creed game. I only wish they brought back the Assassin posse you had in AC2, that was one of my favorite parts of the game.

    No review of this game can be written without mentioning the bugs and jank. I played this game for the first time in 2016 and most of the bugs were fixed. I had a mission where I had to keep restarting a check point due to the NPC scripting but these occurrences were not that common. I am not super fps sensitive but I did notice that the game dropped a few frames here and there.


  • Started June 30 - Finished ...

    I have never played a Trials game and with the Summer Sale on, I thought it was time to give it a shot. So far, I can see why these games are addicting.

    With about a million user created tracks and multiplayer, I don't think I'll ever "finish" this game. I'll mark it down as completed when I finish the official tracks if I ever do.

  • Started July 4 - Finished July 28.

    Right now I still want to go back to previous levels and find all the secrets.

    But this is the 2016 GOTY for me so far. With Hitman being a close 2nd.

  • Started July 15 - Finished November 7

    As a casual Hitman fan, having played only Hitman 2 and only playing Absolution to completion, I was super unsure about this new episodic format. I was convinced this new Hitman would be a failure and should be avoided. After giving this game some time to come into it's own, I have changed my mind. Hitman (2016) is the best Hitman game ever made and is the definitive Hitman experience. By dropping a new episode every month or so, it allows the player to go back and replay previous missions in different ways. Whereas, in previous games of the series I would play a mission and immediately move on to the next and the next on after that never even bothering to discover anything I might have missed.

    Each episode in this new game is expansive, fun to explore, and even more fun to plan out a kill then watch it all go to hell and having to Hitman your way out of a bad situation.

    Recommended even at it's current state and at full price. There's even still more content coming. With Elusive targets (time limited missions where you can't save or restart if it goes bad), and bonus missions, this is a game you want to pay for in full and get excited whenever you see a new update.

    November 8 update: Last night I got mastery in the last Hitman episode of Season 1. And with it, the effective end of the game for now. Getting the Ninja Assassin challenge on that last map was one of the best times I've had playing the game. I didn't know how to get the targets and if I was spotted it was gameover. Figuring out how to get in, kill the target, and get out without being spotted was amazing.

  • Started August 12 - Finished August 20

    This is just simply a great story driven linear action game with a nice combat flow. The execution moves are fun to do and the combat never got old. It's a kind of game that you don't really see much of any more.

    4/5 Not without its flaws, but the combat, the graphics, and the story got my attention through the 7 or so hours it took to finish the game. Get it on sale and enjoy this action movie of a video game.

  • Started September 23 - Finished October 1.

    I replayed this game in full (30+ hours) in the span of 8 days. I wanted to try out the bonus campaign which picks up right after the main story ends. I started a new character and build just to run the shadows again. This is the best Shadowrun game out there and the missions/story are worth replaying over and over. I put in 70 hours into this game and I even still wouldn't mind trying it again with another build.

    There is nothing like the Shadowruns which resulted in epic gun battles where you are just scraping by followed by hard decisions to kill or show mercy. This game could not be more highly recommended by me.

  • Started October 7 - Finished November 14

    The Forza games, and especially the Horizon variations, are some of my favorite racing games of all time. There is nothing like taking interesting cars, putting stickers on them, and then taking them out to the open world and just drive. I think that as of writing this "review" I probably spent more time painting and creating car designs than I have actually driving the cars.

    The cars are great, the open world is fun to drive in, and the races are always a good time. With the constant drip of upgrades and level ups this game is really hard to put down.

    This game is so highly recommended by me it's not funny.

    I "finished" this game with the credits roll after the Final Showcase on November 14. There are still a bunch of races and championships I want to finish.

  • Started November 2 ... Won't ever finish.

    Elite fills the void that was previously occupied by Euro Truck Simulator. It's a game that is more about the experience of flying a space ship than progressing in a story. You start with a free space ship and then the galaxy is open for you. You could strap better weapons on it and become a pirate or bounty hunter. You can get better cargo space and become a trader. Or you can outfit your ship with passenger cabins and be a legit Space Cabbie.

    Progress in Elite is incremental at best. It's best played, in my opinion, at an hour or 2 at a time. Do a couple of trading runs/missions and call it a night. It's because the rep and money gained can be slow. But if you set a goal for yourself such as get friendly with this local faction, or gain rank with a superpower, or just to save up enough money to buy that 10 million credit ship you want, the game gets better.

    This is a game, in the end, that is all about your experience. You set your goals and you need to find a way to achieve them. And once you do, maybe try something different, like to go searching for lost mysterious alien ruins that are rumored to be out there. Either way, it's a wide open galaxy and the choice is yours.

  • Started November 7 - Finished November 15

    I only just started this game, but wow this is a charming ass little game. I got through this game avoiding all spoilers and man was it worth it.

    It's a short game so it's definitely worth your time.

  • Started November 15 - Finished November 17

    I bought this game mostly due to the hype. Not knowing much about it, I decided to give it a go shortly after finishing Undertale. What I didn't expect was to marathon this game to completion about 2 days after.

    I didn't expect the story, the hard choices, and the art style to be so compelling. I can't believe I waited 2 years from purchase to finally play the game. I'll get BS 2 this Christmas just to see how the choices I made carry on to the second game.


  • Started November 25 - Finished ...

  • Started November 29 - Finished December 1

    I play point and click adventure games as a change of pace from the AAA titles out there and I can play them on other PCs than my main computer. This game was a decent point and click adventure game. The puzzles were fun to figure out and they weren't too hard. The story was ok for a fantasy game and kept the game moving. If you want a casual point and click adventure game to pass the time, you could definitely do worse than this one.

  • Started December 5 - Won't ever finish

    I only played a couple of missions and I already know I will love this game. This will definitely fill that mulitplayer role I've been missing.