I need to play more video games.

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Top 10 Games of 2019

What a weird fucking list this years will be for me.

I spent a lot of time catching up on games I had meant to play much sooner from years past and of course this also meant setting aside a lot of games that released this year that I probably would have played instead, a good chunk of which I'll be picking up during the Steam sale in the coming weeks.

And getting to play co-op stuff with my idiot friends is a big factor in what I choose to play these days as well. I need to stop buying so many fucking expensive toys.

List items

  • I feel like it says a lot about where the industry is at big-money wise that the best game of the year is a remake of a classic horror shooter. RE3 is "my resi" but damn was RE2's remake fucking incredible. 3 runs through the campaign and I still want to finish it again, so so damn good. Mr X is just the best, that fucking asshole.

  • I'm not one of those Capcom fans that evangelizes the old DMC games, I enjoyed 3 and 4 well enough but eh I never really got why some people went so crazy for them. 5 and its reception and its evolution over the old games though really made me finally understand and its probably the 2nd best character action game ever for sure. Damn hilarious cutscenes too.

  • I hated playing Bloodstained for the first few hours HAAATED it this game infuriated me because I was so so terrible at it.

    And then I unlocked a bunch of bullshit and over time broke the game more n more and by the end was so over powered and was negating everything that upset me it became amazing and hilarious. What a weird and stupid and so very japanese thing it is. The greatest irony? 100%ed it and was glad to do so.

  • Darksiders 3 was busted as shit last year, or so I was lead to believe and this was a massive factor of why I didn't play it till later 2019 upon finding out they'd in fact restored the franchises gameplay style with a big patch. And oh my god it was everything I wanted from more Darksiders and more. So damn fun and so very 90s edgy trying too hard to be cool but with a wink and nod that I love. Enjoyed it more than Darksiders 2. Villains were fantastic.

  • ROCK AND SOUL ROCK AND SOUL GET IN MY GUT ARE YA BLIND LOOK OVER ERE. SWARM A SWARMS COMING. And then the exploder spawns and we all die again.

    Deep Rock is the best game, and the worst game. I sure like it but my friends and I spend so much time swearing and screaming while playing it you'd think we all fucking hated it. Isn't even technically out yet. Maybe I actually hate it? maybe I hate myself? maybe if we play it another 20 hours or so we'll figure that out eventually.

  • I don't even remember if I bought Battletech this year or last year. All I know is I played it a lot in 2019 and wish I had bought it sooner, having finally bought the dlc I wish I'd bought that sooner too. Oh my god do I love this game. Xcom + mechs set in the battletech verse, everything I've ever wanted from games.

  • Bayonetta 2 is the greatest character action game I've ever played its fucking incredible and it and its sequel to come are the number 1 and 2 reasons I wanted a Switch so bad.

    Finally got to play it this year. Why the fuck did almost no one talk about this game when it originally released, its fucking amazing. I guess a perfect example of how much nintendo fucked up with the WiiU I suppose.

  • Another game I only just got around to in 2019. Hot on the heels of revisiting Uncharted 4 and its kinda nuts how much more I enjoyed that game this year than I did originally. Lost Legacy was pretty much more of 4 but with Chloe as the lead and her aussieness really was hilarious to see in a game that clearly had shit loads of money dumped in to it. Nadine was cool too and I always appreciate hearing ladies talk shit about the male population.

  • A strong point of nostalgia for me that brought back so many memories and old brain space reserved for oh right that's how I got to those gems when I was a kid. In some respects still very much feels like a PS1 game but absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I wish more games could look like spyro does.

  • A somewhat iffy campaign mode but a tremendously wonderful survival mode that is very addictive. I wish the game had more raw content as the foundation is just so incredibly solid for anyone who loves defending a base from zombambos.