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Some old games that I am trying to track down

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  • I had a Saturn and I sold it to a friend before this game came out and I always regretted it. Now I want this game.

  • GOT IT! I loved this game even though I was never very good at it. I had to have friends help me complete it. And my girlfriend really wants to play the original. I picked it up once again cheap at a Flea market in very good condition. I have to get the wife to play it. She would like it.

  • I loved this game on the N64 and spent way to much time on it, much to my old room-mates dislike, but I wnat it again now.

  • I got a nearly perfect condition Sega CD recently and I always wanted to play the original Lunar, hm...

  • I just recently got D2. I should go back and paly the first game, even though they have nothing to do with one another. I remember I liked it. It was definitely moody.

  • I never played this WARP game. I always wanted to, but I guess I need to get a Saturn again first, eh?

  • Everyone charges too much for it online, but I will keep looking. My girlfriend has a friend who simply plays games, and really does not collect. I am wondering if I might be able to purchase it from them?

  • I would like to get the original version of this game for my 3DO.

  • Came super close to getting this in a cheap auction on eBay thta it seem like a lot of people missed. The other person was just willing to spend more on this than me. He won.

  • GOT IT! Picked it up from a Play N Trade that was at a local convention that I help organize. Picked it up for $15. The girlfriedn is a bug Yoshi fan so she was very happy.

  • GOT IT! Never had it. It was one of those late N64 games that I never had, but I always wanted. Looking forward to playing this game.

  • GOT IT! I picked it up at a good garage on Long Island along with Pokemon Puzzle League and three original Playstation RPGs.

    Looking forward to playing this one when I am in front of my N64 again. Never got the chance to play this originally on the N64 when it was current. This one sometimes goes for a bit of money on eBay. Glad I got it cheap.

  • GOT IT! I picked it up once again at a flea market for $5. Not bad.

    I loved this game the first time I owned an N64, but never completed it. I want it again to complete it. I think there is something wrong with my head.

  • GOT IT! I recently got an old TurboGrafx 16 in pretty good shape. Now I just need some good games for it. I figured I should go after one of the best for it, Bonk.

    Alright, I got this one on EBay for pretty darn cheap and not marked up like I expected.

  • GOT IT! Hey, if I am going to play Bonk I should also play Bonk's Revenge.

    I got this one on EBay recenetly too and it was not expensive. You can still find some good deals on eBay.

  • GOT IT! Picked it up today froma local small flea market. Never playe dit when I originally had an N64. Very happy I have it now. Most people agree it is a good game, but not alot of people played it. Looking forward to sitteing down and playing it.

  • I owned this game the first time I owned a Saturn, but never completed it. I think I sold the game when I sold the Saturn. I should not have, now I miss the game and I think it is worth alot too. I want this one again now, especially now that I have a Saturn again.

  • Another Working Designs JRPG game I want

  • Hmm, robots instead of cute little creatures in a dungeon crawler RPG pokemnon style game on Neo Geo Pocket Color? Sign me up!

  • GOT IT! I picked up the origianl SNES Cart on eBay during an inexpensive auction. Excited to play the game, might have to wait for the next staycation. Glad that it looks like the save battery is still working too.

  • I want to try and find it for the Dreamcast and also the PS2 version with the Trance Vibrator

  • GOT IT! I bid on eBay and thought I wouldn't win but I was the only person who bid and won, so I got it kinda cheap. Played it the other night and now I am confused.

  • And yes I want to get it with the crazy controller

  • I would like to play this one, especially after the recent stories about it from Patrick and others. This one completely flew under my radar at the time.

  • GOT IT! I bought it on eBay recently while the price was low. Seems like the price always goes up after the Giant Bomb guys live stream playing it. Glad I got it during a lapse in price.

  • An original PlayStation game I never played but was always intrigued with

  • Another original PlayStation game I never played but was always intrigued with

  • Another original PlayStation game I never played but was always intrigued with

  • Great late Saturn game

  • Sometimes rare Genesis games are cool too