The 16 Games that Impressed me at E3 2017

E3 is once again underway and all the big conferences are done. A lot of games were shown off. A select few of them caught my eye and I expect if they manage to stick their landing I’ll be playing these games whenever they get released. Instead of having two different top lists this will just intermix all the different styles of games together to make one big list of stuff that I liked. The great thing about video games is that they are all different shapes and sizes. Let's get this started with some Nintendo creativity.

List items

  • This easily had the best trailer of the Nintendo conference. Starts off with some standard Mario stuff only to quickly switch over to his new ghost hat powers. Being able to change into a bunch of different characters that gives Mario new powers to take on different challenges sounds cool and looks awesome visually. Some of the later gameplay footage that they put out does the same thing. Although New Donk City does seem a little bland looking during the day. Doubt that’ll be much of an issue if the full game has a bunch of different worlds to explore.

  • Mario XCOM isn’t a word I ever expected to say. That fact alone makes me curious to see the finished product. Just not sure if it’ll just be novel for a while before it gets old or if they manage to craft a fun strategy game. From a visual standpoint, it looks like I won’t get tired of any of the environments. Plus the movement abilities like jumping from an ally or going through pipes could mix things up enough that it won’t get boring after a while. Hopefully, Ubisoft sticks the landing with this one since more developers getting access to Nintendo’s library of franchises could be cool.

  • The Metroid Prime 4 announcement could have been good but they literally only showed off the logo. So instead this remake impressed me the most. Sure this looks like a standard Metroid game but it has been a long time since Nintendo has even tried to get someone to do one. The new counter mechanic Mercury Steam added looks cool and adds an extra way to avoid damage. Yes, this is made by the team that put out Castlevania: Mirror of Fate. Not the best vote of confidence yet I think they might have learned from that mistake going by the 30 minutes of gameplay I’ve seen.

  • Plenty of retro style games get made these days. At first, this one doesn’t seem like it breaks the mold much but thanks to a time mechanic it breaks out from the pack a bit. Sixty seconds is all the player will have to journey through the island to solve puzzles before he dies. Then he revives at his house and must go out again to retrace his steps. Sounds like a bad mechanic but all the first impressions make it sound like it worked well since it obviously doesn’t take long to go back to where you left off. Curious to see more about this little game later this year.

  • Ever since the release of Guilty Gear Xrd I’ve been waiting to see when Arc System Works would use that engine with another game. That day has finally come and it still looks amazing. Dragon Ball Z is a very vibrant universe that fits into a 3vs3 fighter. From what I’ve seen of a few matches after the trailer this has a similar 4 button layout as other fighting games made by this developer. Plus it just looks fun to pull off some crazy launch combos.

  • I do think this game was shown off last year but never saw much about it other than a short trailer. Now with a more in-depth look, this appears to be a neat persistently online fighting game. With the player embodying a cyber ninja who seems to be beating up people on an island stylistically it has a nice flat shaded look to it. If the customizable combos work as well as they are advertising then it could have a lot of depth.

  • Only a few precious moments of this game was displayed on the big screen during Microsoft’s conference but the art style alone made me look it up today. A more in-depth trailer showed off all the different inspirations this game is pulling from. Start up a farm and grow Ooblets that then join you in some type of journey and face evil Ooblets in a turn based battle setting. Nothing too complicated but the cute art style leaves me with a good first impression.

  • I’ve liked the Ys series for a while thanks to the fast paced action RPG elements. Dashing around making quick strikes at enemies while carefully dodging out of the way of any attack is satisfying. Thanks to how well they all control. I expect this release will be just as good plus the new style of having multiple playable characters does mix up how you’ll end up fighting enemies. Which includes all the crazy bosses this series is mainly known for. Since I can’t say the story is very worthwhile. Adol can only get amnesia so many times before it’s just silly.

  • Bethesda didn’t have much that interested me other than this little gem. At first, I was all cool this looks like more Wolfenstein. Then they just drop one off-kilter thing after another that left an impression that the developer had a vision and then just went for it. Embracing the crazy side of Nazi’s invading the US seems like a good plan but from a few interviews, it seems like they are still trying to tell a serious story at the same time. Not sure if they will be able to pull that off again but still hard to not get a little excited about this game after seeing BJ blast a bunch of enemies to pieces while running around in a wheelchair.

  • From the start of the trailer, this shows off a prison setting that has a dual perspective. A few frames later it shows off the fact that they are planning a prison break. Then once they do make it outside a bunch of crazy Uncharted action scenes are shown off. Yet the neat thing about this game is that is must be played cooperatively since the game has a constant split screen that dynamically changes depending on the situation. The example they gave was a cutscene showing off the introduction of one of the characters while the other one could still move around and do things in the environment. If this manages to tell a good story I could see myself sitting down with a friend to play through this one day.

  • I know the video they showed off of this game was full of QTE prompts. Yet still, it looked very impressive and swinging around as Spider-Man looked like it could be fun. Plus if the fighting part is full of intractable environments then it might be alright even if it’s just a variation of the Batman style of combat. Really I would like to know more about this game but I haven’t seen anyone else talk about the style of game this I'll be

  • Never thought I would see the day this game would come back out of the shadows. Out of all the games, this is the only one that was a very fancy looking CG trailer. Going just by the trailer I’ll be interested in seeing this world again. A few comments by Austin Walker made me kinda worried though. Did they turn this game into No Man’s Sky? Not sure if I want that if that is the finished product. The game sounds like it only has the most basic of gameplay demos at the moment.

  • This is the other game on this list that doesn’t have any gameplay footage. At least of the part, I really wanted to see. The Vanillaware trademark beautiful art style is still in full effect and the scenes of the main characters walking through the school is amazing. Then they show a mech and don’t show any combat at all. Is this going to be a tactical mech game or an action based one like Odin Sphere? Only time will tell

  • Not much to say about this one. Looks like a match 3 game except the sushi is constantly moving on a cover belt making it possible to pull off a big combo with a little patience. Plus it just looks like one of those crazy Japanese games that I like to see.

  • God Of War is looking a lot like the older games this time. I would have liked to see more story since the trailer they showed off a lot of Kratos fighting random monsters. Still, what they set up last time let me enjoy a very video gamey trailer this time. Doesn’t hurt that the game has a nice look to go along with all the brutality. Thus making me want to check out this game once it gets released.

  • Out of all the games on this list, this is the one I’m a little wary of. It really looks like it could just be Crackdown again without any new cool thing to differentiate it from the first 2 games. With the main new thing being able to blow up just about anything. Yet it sounds like that is online only which is a little odd. Still jumping around as a super-powered agent was fun once so if Sumo Digital can make a fun world to explore I’ll be happy.